Ron Paul Gaining Clout Among GOP Converts? Rep Bachmann a New Star

From the Washington Independent today, a story here showing that Texas Rep. Ron Paul is gaining traction with several enthusiastic converts to his economic theory prowess and defense of Austrian economics. The story points out the interesting fact that Dr. Paul occasionally has lunch with 10 or so members of congress. While dining, the group listens to an author or expert that Paul thinks is notable. These informal and off the record meetings have been host to several speakers on a variety of topics, one of the more interesting is Dr. Thomas Woods, conservative author of the best-selling book “Meltdown,”, a free-market account of what actually led up to the recent economic calamity, pointing out ways in which the New Deal contributed and how the Federal Reserve is responsible for the current economic crisis. Also a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, he is an expert on Austrian theory. Definitely a clarion voice in the fight for liberty.

Which leads me to the next person of notable interest, not a speaker or author but Rep Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. A frequent attendee of Ron Paul’s meetings, and an acolyte free market thinkers, she is the same Rep that was made famous in the blogosphere,(see video below), with her tongue lashing toward Ben Bernanke and Treasure Secretary Geithner . A rising star in the conservative/libertarian wing of the Republican Party, Rep Bachmann represents that which Ron Paul has clamoured for year after year – transparency in the Federal Reserve, a sound dollar policy, and a return to Constitutional economic basics. If you haven’t already done so, you need to sign the “Audit the Fed” petition, (HR 1207), over at the Campaign for Liberty here. Amazingly, this bill now has 124 cosponsors, including some Democrats.

As I said, definitely an acolyte of Ron Paul. American need voices like this in Congress. Simple, concise, Constitutional points. Notice how both Geithner and Bernanke drop the ball on basic Constitutional restraint? Where in the Constitution are there powers are listed?

Leading to the Great One himself. At a congressional hearing yesterday Paul questions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on a variety of topics, notable points –
“We are in the midst of inflation, just because prices haven’t gone up doesn’t mean that we don’t have the distortion, it was that system that gave us the financial bubble, artificially low interest rates….now we are trying to correct all of that by doing the very same thing.”

“I see this as the real problem, we practice economic planning….socialism always fails because they do not have a pricing structure, interventionism and inflationism fails because we don’t have a free market pricing system of money…..it fails, inevitably it leads to a more socialized economy….” Dr. Paul then goes on to give a defense for HR 1207 and the fact that the books for the Fed need to be open to the public so that the Federal Reserve could perhaps be more transparent and accountable.


Clifton B said…

Hey Left Coast, interesting post. Although I am not a complete fan of Ron Paul (he loses me on Foreign Policy), I can easily see where his economic policies could become extremely attractive in 2012. Especially if Obama’s economic policies are as disasterous as we imagine.

I was quite surprised to hear that Ms. Bachmann attended those meetings. It certainly would explain her nailing Turbo Timmy with those Constitutional question.

Carl said…

What a pleasure to read another Ron Paul revolutionary! You have a very insightful blog.

I can’t stress how important it is to get H.R. 1207 to the House floor for a vote. I mean, how could a congressman justify to their constituents that they voted AGAINST transparency regarding their money?

I also very much enjoyed Tom Woods’ “Meltdown.” It validated many of the suspicions I had concerning the bogus, yet standard “the unregulated free market caused the crisis.”

Very good thoughts, Left Coast Rebel. I enjoyed reading it.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Clifton B – Thank you, I understand that Ron Paul loses you on foreign policy, that is a reasonable point, as I feel much the same way. Thanks for the comment!

Carl – Thanks for dropping by, first time here? Ron Paul was surprisingly popular here in San Diego, let’s get the word out on HR 1207!

conservative generation said…


I think the economic libertarians have the solution to the next few elections. You’ve read some of my posts and I strongly believe they’ve boxed themselves into a no win situation. This is going to leave the door wide open for the economic libertarians to move the poor government economic policy back to a point that makes sense.

conservative generation said…

* by they “boxed themselves in” I mean the progs and libs.

Left Coast Rebel said…

CG – I hope you are right, I absolutely love what Ron Paul stands for economically, other him though, where are the other voices? I don’t stand with him on foreign policy though. I agree with 90% of what he says.

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