NYC Flyover Pictures Not to be Released, Are to be Released? – White House

From the New York Post. Yesterday White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said that there was no need to release the photos from the Air Force One photo-op mishap. At a news conference he glibly replied, “I’ve watched CNN,” “I didn’t notice a lack of archival material from that flight.” So in other words, the White House is saying that even their justification of the public-terrifying ‘flyover’, (pictures of the jet with the Statue of Liberty), is bogus. Other White House aides added that the pictures weren’t classified even though they were giving off the impression that they are. “The photos . . . are classified — that’s ridiculous,” – Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.

The story gets even stranger.

Earlier today here our favorite Press Secretary Gibbs was asked about the photos again and the beans were spilled. He admitted that there is currently an internal probe, (ouch) and that it will be completed this week. “We’ll release its findings and release a photo,” he said. So really folks, what is going on with this story? Why did Gibbs first say that there wouldn’t be a photo and then contradict himself today? What is really behind this incident? Do you think the White House will be held to task for this? I don’t.


Bungalow Bill said…

Internal probe? You mean Obama is covering his lies?

Left Coast Rebel said…

BB –

From Webster’s Dictionary – Internal Probe – Torture as justified by the White house to get someone to be the fall guy for insane, incompetent Obamanation incidents.

Ananda girl said…

They didn’t hide it well enough to keep it under wraps, now they have to spin, spin, spin.

Darth Rob said…

They have to release a photo, people were lining up to fill out the forms for the freedom of information act.

Left Coast Rebel said…

A Girl and Darth Rob – If they do release a photo, I wonder if it will be ‘photoshopped’?

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