More Loser Activity, GOP turn to Bush Aides, Dismiss Sarah Palin

From the Politico

”Former White House press secretary Dana Perino, former Bush counselor Ed Gillespie and former White House deputy press secretary Tony Fratto are among those set to provide words of wisdom to House Republican press secretaries at their annual workshop this Friday.” ”But Democrats are deriding the move to bring in the Bush veterans, calling it proof that the GOP has failed to recognize that Bush’s policies are at least partly to blame for the party’s minority status.”

The story goes on to say that since the GOP in the House are now in the minority, they are focusing on getting their message out, beefing up their communications departments vs procedural. They are now focusing on the microphones vs lawmaking. This is a good thing. The bad part though is as stated above, ”the GOP has failed to recognize that Bush’s policies are at least partly to blame for the party’s minority status.” This is the big one folks, I think that the powers that be in the GOP don’t get it – they don’t understand that they got throttled in 2008 and 2006 not because they weren’t ‘moderate’ enough but entirely because they had become the ‘me too’ wing of the Democrat party and had been spending our tax dollar like drunken sailors (no offense to sailors). Voters here in San Diego were incredibly angry at the GOP! I could practically smell the disgust in the air. San Diego has particularly strong Midwestern values,(surprisingly), and there was an incredible dissatisfaction with the Republican party. That is why the Obamanation carried the county here, a Democrat hasn’t showed well countywide here ever I believe. And yet he won 60% to 40% and it was precisely because enough conservatives stayed home, enough people were convinced that he was the tax-cutter (an abomination that the GOP lost their voice and credibility, even on taxes!). I don’t want to see the Bush era advisers and pols any more, they gave us ‘Big-government Conservatism’, as if there is even such a thing.

Which leads me to the next story, this one involving Mitt Romney. I personally like Mitt Romney, he has a pleasant personality and look for the GOP, I suspect his true conservatism and belief in limited government though. I would have preferred him to McCain. Water under the bridge. Yesterday Romney was on CNN’s State of the Union, (first mistake), and was asked about Sarah Palin being included in Time’s ”World’s Most Influential People.” To which he quipped, “But was that the issue on the most beautiful people or the most influential people?” “I’m not sure. If it’s the most beautiful, I understand. We’re not real cute.” Nice little jab here against conservatives that Palin represents, (not elitists), and that Palin is superficial and not really a leader of the GOP. Of course, the public grass roots folks would hardly agree here, the pols don’t get it. Governor, you’d be best watching your words when it comes to Palin, she has a grass-roots following that rivals Reagan, and she’s a true conservative. Seems like a somewhat innocent little flap on his part, but it does show a certain attitude common amongst the elites.

On to the next story here, this one involving Jeb Bush and a comment he made yesterday during a ‘listening tour’, flanked by Eric Cantor, and Mitt Romney. This ‘listening tour’, a campaign to get the word out to the public, arguing the case for a GOP comeback. Jeb Bush – “From the conservatives, it’s time for us to listen first, to learn a little bit, to upgrade our message a little bit and to not be nostalgic about the past,” you can’t beat something with nothing, and the other side has something. I don’t like it, but they have it, and we have to be respectful and mindful of that.” OK so let’s get this straight here, conservatives need to listen? Listen to what and whom? Do we need to listen to those that believe in dismantling our economic system and possibly take some of their ideas, water them down and then campaign on them? This is what the RINO’s, and elitists would have us do, what does the other side have? They have broad, lofty programs that empower and enable them! It is patently obvious, simple, and should be common sense to the GOP. Argue and fight for American values of rugged individualism and empowerment, free-markets, low taxes and regulations, and a concise vision of these things for America. Any and every time this is tried, the electorate responds.

Republicans trying to find their voice, leaders blaming conservatives as they always will, a media that is all too willing to declare the GOP DOA, through all of this fog I want to point to a man of deep intellect and commitment to conservative ideals and free-markets. A man that we could all look to as the past greatness of conservatism and what we will be in the future. In his passing, rest in peace, Jack French Kemp. You will be missed by America and those that fight for her.


Bungalow Bill said…

If this is the new face of the Republican party, I will officially declare myself as Libertarian or a Constutionalist. I heard the pretty boy moderate Romney’s comments, and I was disgusted by his sly reference to Sarah Palin.

conservative generation said…


I’ve been debating on making a similar post. What’s holding me back? I don’t think the current GOP reps are worth it. Some of them are good candidates and these guys are a means to an end. However, they are the end of an era. The next great leader won’t be a Newt, a Palin, or probably a Jindal. I think the next great leader will be born out of the craziness of the current administration.

Now that the fires been burning in the GOP, we need to keep it going and take back the party and keep these Rhinos out. At the same time we can work on cleaning out the Obamanationalists.

Left Coast Rebel said…

BB – I agree, the same losers think that they can tell conservatives to shut up and suck up, not surprisint but it sure is irritating…

CG – I see your point, they are barely worth it, there are some great leader, ie Paul Ryan but they are few and far between. I agree, a new leader will be born of the obamanation, we probably haven’t even heard the name yet….

Z said…

I’m surprised Romney took that jab at Palin …but I guess he’s just another “good ol’ boy” after all (I’d liked him MUCH MUCH better than McCain, too, Left Coast)…. I used to think my ‘one world order’ conspiracy NUT friends were just that..NUTS..but I’m starting to see that when you get a real independent, REAL conservative person in there, the GOP takes after him/her with as big a vengeance as the Dems. WHY? Especially when that person (in the person of Palin) is so popular that she could have won a national election had the Republicans not turned on her there at the end, and, especially, NOW (remember the governors were jealous and resentful at the last gov’s conf. she spoke at?) It’s almost as if the Republicans don’t WANT someone who would REALLY fix government, REALLY fix international relations, REALLY try to go back to the roots of our founding fathers…. Something’s SO UP, and we need to fix that..and soon. And WHAT IS it with Jeb BUSH? Now, the Republicans are going to besmirch REAGAN CONSERVATISM, the ONE THING we have GOING FOR US even with some centrist Democrats? MY GOSH, is something up. But WHAT?

Devrim said…

Mitt taking a jab at Palin is no surprise, he will probably be running against her in 2012, if he says anything nice about her now, it will be used against him even if she isn’t running. Let’s accept it, Gov.Palin, is a very polarizing figure. 50% of the nation loves her as she is a succesful, selfmade, anti-abortion, pro-family gal. Other 50% despises her, especially feminists because she is the Anti-Christ to every theory they depend upon to raise funds. Praise her and you loose 50% support, better to dance around the issue, which Mitt did, somewhat tactlessly.

For the sake of the GOP, Jeb Bush needs to stay away 100 miles of anything resembling the GOP. I believe “we the people” are done with the “Bush” name. When Kennedy’s were elected/appointed we cried foul as it created a dynasty, what message does it send when we vote/appoint another Bush ?

One voice we haven’t heard in a while is Mary Cheney. Surely, I’d rather see her as the face of the GOP 2.0 rather than Meghan McCain.

Devrim said…

BTW as a “drunken sailor” I take great offence that you comparing me to the congress. When I am spending, the spending stops once the cash in the wallet is drained, I can’t print extra money to get another drink or a blowjob. The congress tough get what they want, “cost of living pay rises anyone?”, “airport for the convenience of honorable Murtha?”, “cap and trade but I’ll fly my own f’ing plane on your dime Pelosi?”.

I made my money sailing around the globe, months away from land, sometimes battling pirates. What did these people do ? I demand the RIGHT to be able to print money as I f’ing please to get another blowjob. If that is not possible I’ll live with the idea that the government spends just what is in their wallet. Till that happens, STOP comparing me to the congress !

Always On Watch said…

In my view, the Republican Party is doing everything possible to deep-six itself.

Right after the November 2008 elections, I said to myself, “NOW the Republican Party will pull itself together and return to conservative principles.”

But now I don’t see that return happening.

We are right now seeing all the possible evils of the two-party system, a political machine about which our Founders gave numerous warnings.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Z – You said “It’s almost as if the Republicans don’t WANT someone who would REALLY fix government, REALLY fix international relations, REALLY try to go back to the roots of our founding fathers….”

You are onto something here, perhaps the truth is that most of the elites in the GOP are no different than the Dems, they want power! They don’t want to empower us, as Palin does, they want to increase the scope of government involvement…

Left Coast Rebel said…

Devrim – I agree 100% that Jeb Bush needs to stay away, HE (and others) is the problem with our brand, who does he think he is standing for? I apologize in ruffling your feathers re: the drunken sailors, I didn’t mean to disparage sailors, drunks, or a combination of both. It would have been more sensitive for me to have compared drunken sailors to attorneys. Comparing them to congress is just way to low of a jab.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Always on W – I agree, the GOP already had one foot in the grave, I’d say they’ve added a couple more toes recently, 3 to go….

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