Life is Irony – Eco-Sailors and the Overseas Yellowstone

April 20 2009, Carbon Neutral Expeditions sets sail out of Plymouth, Devon. A coastal English city 190 miles south west of London, Devon is a beautiful and picturesque (pictured to the right), bay city. Rife with history circa the Bronze Age., remains of Homo Sapiens dating back to the Upper Palaeolithic (late stone age), have been found estimated to have lived over 10,000 years ago. More recently; (AD 1403 to be exact), the town was burned by Breton Raiders, encouraging an ensuing series of fortifications that were built around the city. The remains of these fortifications exist to this day.

But I apologize for my digressiveness dear reader, back to the original intent of the story – the Carbon Neutral Expeditions voyage. Meet cancer survivor and head of the team Raoul Surcouf and teammate Richard Spink. Flanked by skipper Ben Stoddart, the team set out as stated above on April 20. The purpose of their mission? To prove to the world that they could sail from England to Greenland and back – relying on only sail, solar and man power. Carbon neutral, all aboard the Fleur! A 580 mile voyage under such amazing precocious notions is cause for environmentalist celebration. Mr Surcouf – “The expedition will hopefully show how it is possible to explore some of the most beautiful places on Earth without contributing to their destruction.” Indeed.

So the team sets sail off of the dreamy, fog-laden coast of England. Dreams and fog at the front of this expedition. Many days were ahead, but not to be afraid. This flight of fancy would guide them through Mother Nature’s Grand Design.

Days went by, the carbon-liberated band was growing weary. The day was the 27 of April of our Lord. Mother Nature was throwing fits, a mephitic child , could this be? Oceans tossing and turning, undulating like a giant liquid serpent. The team was holding on – their mission was too important to be controlled by mere fate or weather-natural moodiness. Or was it?

The distress call was heard hundreds of miles away. “The Fleur is surely sinking, water is coming aboard – she is heaving to and fro, God please help!”

And God in all of His wisdom listened to the folly of this distress. Looking down at the tomfoolery and self-inflicted bad circumstance He could still see reconciliation. “What a shame that my people have to carry on such notions, where have they been led?”

And as such circumstance would lead, the Overseas Yellowstone, a gentle lumbering iron giant, packed to the gills with hydrocarbons, perchance was nearby our fated crew. Not exactly peas of a pod, politics and credo has no place in nature’s great watery wilderness, ”Come aboard young fellows!”

And the folly of misguided ethos is laid to rest by the power of God and Mother Nature herself. Or is it?


Ananda girl said…

Arrogance is a man thing. There is more to respecting nature, than thinking that we are saving her.

conservative generation said…

Great story. The mere idea that someone needs to prove we can sail without carbons? Obviously that is possible, but not recommended. lol

Darth Rob said…

The people don’t have to save the earth. The earth is billions of years old, possibly even older. It has cycles set at rates far greater than our tiny minds can comprehend. Earth supports life, life doesn’t need to support earth. If we are ecologically engaged it is to save our selves not the planet, it will be here eons after we are gone.

KrisEveland said…

The poetic justice is beautiful.

Ananda girl said…

Darth Rob– Oooh… well said!

bluepitbull said…

Call it poetic justice, karma, whatever. It’s just damn funny.

Left Coast Rebel said…

ananda girl – you are correct, it is arrogant to thinkt that we really have much of an effect in the first place, it is a religion.

CG – Lol, the story proves your point

Darth – Great points

Kris – poetic justice indeed

Blue Pitbull – Probably both, they are lucky they didn’t die….

Ananda girl said…

Yes indeed. They are lucky they did not die. Good post, LCR. Good point.

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