Hasta La Vista California Bailout?

Highlight from the Reason video with Nick Gillepsie – “Just as the Terminator was programmed to fight Sarah Connor, Government is programmed to grow and grow and fight every effort to cut it back.” Rep Tom McClintock – “(this is) Because government concentrates it’s benefits and diffuses the costs.” Later in the video McClintock goes on to explain how the Obamanation, (as I have said) is Californiaizing the nation and how disastrous that will potentially be. Heard of Tom McClintock? If you haven’t Mr. McClintock had been a great state senator in CA for years and just last year narrowly defeated his Democrat opponent for a Congressional run. He’s now one of the clarion voices for economic libertarianism in the House in the Republican Party. I support him wholeheartedly. I put him in the band of a few, Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann and a few others. By the way, if you don’t watch the entire video above, at least view the part at 3:10, the Union activist here personifies what CA is up against – millions of folks like this and a Legislature beholden….

Today’s LA Times – “Washington declines to help CA, at least for now

David Axelrod, the senior advisor to the Obamanation at the White House today – ” Look, we’re going to examine what we can do. What we need to do, however, is to treat states fairly and that means uniformly, whatever we do for one state, there will be other states who also will want to do that. And there’s a limit to what the government can do.” Sounds nice, but I am extremely skeptical. The White House pols know that this is not a popular idea in the country, I imagine that they are obfuscating the issue at this point and then they will sneak in something on a late Friday evening, eg. Federally insuring new CA state bonds.

Barney Frank disagreed with the White House talking points, (shocking) – “Their view is they need legislation (translation: bailout), and we’re going to try to give it to them.” This is the same Barney Frank that was a longstanding member of the Progressive Caucus, a congressional group of 77 members that has direct ties to Democratic Socialist of America. Read my writeup on this organization and other direct socialist/communist/Democrat ties here. Barney, do you think that taxpayers in other states think that CA should be bailed out? Readers, what do you think?

Today the LA Times again – “Poor would be hit hard by CA budget cuts” here. Nice propagandizing title? Equivalent concern at this ‘paper’ for families, businesses and entrepreneurs over the years. Of course not. Anyway the story goes on . Apparently now the Governator is planning on slashing welfare programs, state health insurance for poor people and low-income college grants. In particular he is considering dismantling CalWorks, ( a broad-based welfare program ‘aiding’ 500,000 families, many of which are illegal immigrants), and moth-balling Healthy Families, a socialized med system that provides medical coverage to 928,000 children and teens. I have also read that this program is wrought with corruption and serves many illegal immigrants, there are close to a million people on this! Up for grabs too is slashing 750 million from programs designed to rehabilitate inmates. Yes you read that correctly. Almost 1 billion a year for inmate rehabilitation in CA.

Tuesday’s vote has apparently spread the message that the state has to find the money to balance the books, (remember, like I said before, by law CA cannot run a deficit). God forbid that our government here would need to take tough steps, trim the fat, and cut back on bureaucrat-union largess. I’d say that this is the tip of the iceberg if CA is to become functional and competitive again. Time to take the budget to the chopping block just like every family and business has had to. Or does that make too much sense?


KrisEveland said…

LOL, that Union Activist is hilarious!

Yes, the country is going the way of Kalifornia for sure. I can’t understand how people can’t see it happening right under their noses it’s so obvious.

Ananda girl said…

The illegal immigrant issue is a real hot button for me. I think we have too many troubles of our own to be curing those that do not belong to us. If it is illegal it is a crime. We do not need criminals. I know this is very unpopular of me to think. But you cannot have a grey area with the law. It is or it is not.

bluepitbull said…

Get rid of your illegals and cut social programs. Quit taking it out on the working Californians and they will stay in that beautiful state. Keep stealing from Californians in the form of higher income, sales, and other taxes and they will end up on my doorstep in San Antonio, TX.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Ananda girl – I agree wholeheartedly, here in San Diego we have entire cities that are predominantly illegal immigrant. The education system, neighborhood safety, and business atmosphere in these cities are a disaster.

Blue – Yes indeed, hope you have a big doorstep!

conservative generation said…


I thought if you didn’t pass Arnold’s plan he was going to lay off teachers, policemen and put criminals on the street. Guess he decided that there were other programs more worthy of cutting.

Ananda girl said…

I will tell you this… it’s my guess that in California the school budget cuts do not include cuts to english as a second language programs, daycare for these families, and neither will the health care cuts affect that group. You will see cuts to legal, born and raised there families. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I see that here.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Conservative G – Indeed, funny how RINO’s know the liberal Dem tricks with scare tactics too, this time it didn’t work….

ananda girl – I am afraid that I must assume you are correct…..

Critical Thinker said…

Linked you up to the Small Blog Roundup: Saturday, May 23rd, 2009.

Always On Watch said…

If the federal government bails out California, many other states will line up for a handout too.

I also caution that what happens in California (budget matters, politics, education) move eastward in about five years. I think that we’re going to see many other states in this same predicament, particularly those states with regions of welfare benefits.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Critical Thinker – Thank you!

AOA – Thanks for coming by, you are right…..

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