Flyover Picture Released – Obamanation has his Fall Guy

The above is the infamous ‘fly-over’ picture, is it worth over $300k to you dear taxpayer? Today the seven page review of the fly-over incident was released here, and Director of the White House Military Office resigned. I noticed several things in the report:

  • DoD is conducting its own internal reviews into the April 27 flyover. For example, SecretaryGates has directed the Joint Staff to conduct a review of the approval process for such flights,particularly with regard to the use ofF-16 fighter aircraft.” (Interesting that the Pentagon is on this)
  • “On Friday, April 3, 2009, representatives of the PAG, the FAA, and several local authorities held a teleconference to discuss “operational issues and public affairs / outreach issues.”The participants recognized “the sensitivity ofthe aircraft involved,”
    and concluded that “public affairs and outreach efforts must be carefully coordinated and timed.”
    (Somehow this didn’t quite work out)
  • “On Thursday, April 9, the commander ofthe PAG, Colonel Scott Turner, sent an email to the Deputy Director addressing a number of issues, including a plan to conduct “a photo shoot over the Statute of Liberty on the 27th ofthis month.”Several days later, Colonel Turner informed the Deputy Director that he still was working on the plan and coordinating with federal, state, and local authorities.”
  • “Deputy Director believed that Mr. Messina would want notice because the plan involved the use of the Presidential aircraft and because it was unusual-i. e., it was a photo shoot near New York City and it required a high degree of coordination. The Director does not recall the conversation. He does not deny that it took place, but rather characterizes it as one of multiple things that were happening at the time-shortly after his return from Mexico.” (Director doesn’t remember the conversation? And this flies, no pun intended?)
  • “The Deputy Director then forwarded this information to the Director in an email
    time-stamped 11 :21 AM:”
    “Sir: per our conversation about Scott Turner’s plans to fly over the Statue of
    Liberty – it’s scheduled for this Monday, April 27th. All has been coordinated.
    AF PA plan/statement is below and will be released only if asked. Will probably
    receive some local press, but WH shouldn’t catch any questions about it.
    Provided in case you want to pass to Jim Messina or Robert Gibbs for awareness.
    This is an AF operation, in close coordination with FAA. Happy to discuss with
    you as necessary. v/r,-gm”
    (This is the whole enchilada that our fall guy claims he didn’t get)
  • “According to the Director, he did not read the email until the afternoon of Monday, April 27,after the flyover had concluded. He explained to us that he did not see the email because it was sent to his WHMO email account-the Director has two email accounts and he checks his White House Office account more frequently. During our interview, the Director also offered another explanation for his failure to read the email. When he returned from Mexico, he was suffering from severe muscle spasms in his back. Doctors prescribed pain medications, he had difficulty walking around the office, and he went home early a couple days.” (My dog ate my homework, I feel enlightened to have people of such high intelligence in charge of high echelons of our government, a true genius once in the position of Secratary of the Army under Clinton, good God)

And there you have it folks. Shouldn’t we thank our lucky stars that we have such bureaucratic geniuses in charge of our beloved Federal government. Such incredible people of high intellectual fortitude and moral stature. And that is assuming that you even believe what you read in the memo. Imagine that bureaucrats like this are in charge of our nuclear missile silos. Imagine that they hold the keys to our very existence. Imagine that our Obamanation wants the same government that cannot even coordinate a flight of Air Force One over Manhattan to control ever more facets of American life. To control matters of life and death with our Health Care system, our once proud Free Market system. Twilight Zone or a nightmare?


Bungalow Bill said…

I was just thinking how bad the color is for a $300,000 plus photograph.

Ananda girl said…

Yikes. That scares the poo out of me.

Leslie said…

Which proves the point that government can’t do anything efficiently, not even a photo op event…right, do we really want them to be in charge of our health care? Our banking system? Our car industry? Our children?

conservative generation said…

(sarcasm alert) What! That photo is an investment in the American future. The progs don’t waste money, they only invest, invest, invest. Think of all the jobs saved by that photo!

bluepitbull said…

Hell, I figured he would be the fall guy a while ago.

Everyone below the rank of secretary at this point is at risk of being the fall guy.

Libertarian Advocate said…

“Twilight Zone or a nightmare?” Not sure why I should have to choose between the two. How about a “Twilight Zone nightmare”

uncouthruminations said…

I’d say it’s neither the Twilight Zone nor a nightmare, but fascism. It’s the belief that the government needs to be involved in ALL aspects of society. There isn’t an area of American life from which the government would exclude itself. That is historic fascism.

Susannah said…

Nightmare. Definitely a nightmare. We had a scare this past week. My husband had an injury to his foot which wasn't getting better. B/c we are friends w/ an ER MD, my H was able to be seen w/in HOURS (after talking w/ this friend) for an MRI – to rule out bone/joint infection.

Now, had we gone through our Internist, he would've been seen in a matter of days anyway, but we were able to get peace of mind (& appropriate treatment) w/in 24 hours b/c of our friend. Thank HEAVEN, it was not a terribly serious infection…

Can you imagine, though, if the Federal Govt. had been in charge of whether my husband could have that MRI, or not? Can you just IMAGINE?? He would surely have developed that dreaded bone/joint infection in the time it would take to get access to appropriate care…!!! We MUST stand up against this, people!

…and ditto to what 'uncouth' said…and what all of you said, for that matter…

Tea Party against Govt.-run health care!!!

Publius said…

Gosh, why can’t they just photpshop that?!

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