Fatigue From Bald-Faced Lies – Obamanation Touts 17 Billion in “Cuts”

Dear reader, I’ve seen numerous fallacies with our Obamanation, the 100 days chronology was basically 100 days of unconstitutional extracurricular activities possibly climaxing with Air Force One circling Lower Manhattan, frightening thousands of Manhattanites. We know too that this man wants to remake America in His image. A clear vision of ‘fairness’, ‘volunteerism’, ‘redistribution’ of America’s wealth – to it’s rightful owners. As it were, Rome burns, and the Administration spends mountains of debt-financed dollars, foisted upon future unfortunate generations. The debt-financed dollars and their arrogance, stupidity, and duplicity know no bounds.

So today in form our beloved Obamanation comes out with a brilliant plan to actually cut Federal spending by 17 billion dollars! Wow, I channel-surfed through the MSM networks – the talking heads thought that this was such a great idea. “It really shows that He is hearkening” they say. “What we’re trying to do is reorient government activity toward things that work,” said White House Budget Director Peter Orszag. Warm and fuzzy all over! I can’t believe that we have such brilliant folks at the helm today!

And then I read the following – “Even as Obama spoke, a key House panel was adding about $12 billion to his war-spending request.” Uh oh, really? I’m having second thoughts.

And what about this number? This little number that shows that the 17 billion in ‘cuts’ is .5% of the Federal budget? What’s that (blah-blah-blah, Obamanation in the background on the boob-tube), what’s that? Oh I see, it’s not that the .5% reduction is going to affect the deficit, it’s that it shows the peasants that you care. In a flash all comprehension comes to me….


RKL said…

If he were a great president like the media claims that he is, he would have vetoed everything that has come across his desk since he as been POTUS. But he hasn’t, and for that he has failed miserably as those of us who voted against him knew he would. I for one, would have loved to have been proven wrong, but I wasn’t.


Left Coast Rebel said…

RKL – well said, today’s about face shows that they know this too, they took the road most travelled and think that some peachy press conference where they tout 17 billion in cuts is going to make the public feel at ease….

uncouthruminations said…

Well, this is what government does: make some big announcement about what they are doing to improve our lives hoping we won’t see all the other disasters they are creating.

“We understand the American people are upset about our enormous spending so we’re going to make a budget cut. Aren’t you proud of us? By the way, we’re increasing spending in all of these other areas, completely canceling out the cuts we’re telling you about now. You’re welcome.”

Ananda girl said…

Gentlemen, I must hang my head with shame… I was so desperate for change and so hopeful, that I actually voted for Obama. I deserve to be judged harshly. And I heartily apologize to you and other Americans. I had hope, but my hope let me down. Now I am just plain pissed. Thank you for allowing me here.

Ananda girl said…

I am learning.

conservative generation said…


I had a similar post. If he's really for efficiency and sincere on fiscal responsibility. Let's see high go 10 rounds with congress to keep the cuts which congress vows not to enact.

Darth Rob said…

Don’t feel bad Ananda, my daughter voted for him too. You thought you were doing something good for America, thats something we all want.

Left Coast Rebel said…

uncouthruminations – yes, indeed, I am here to point this out!

Ananda Girl – There is no shame in making a mistake, to err is human, but I see you are open to the truth so you are wise! No need to feel embarassed here, I am glad that I can make a difference in your thoughts and opinions, that’s why I started this blog!

CG – good point

Darth – I have plenty of friends as well as relatives that voted for him too, I’d say that 50% of them regret their vote, what does that say for upcoming elections?

Nick said…

This cracked me up too; it was such a farce to watch Obama’s press conference, describing how he’s being careful with taxpayer money. This from the same guy who just spent $650-someodd billion on a downpayment on socialized health care, which is projected to cost trillions, and that’s before all the additional costs which socialized health care will itself create (cause the government has a stellar record of running efficient, cost-effective enterprises… just see the GSE’s now). Oh, and I guess he also spent another $500 billion ish on special-interest agenda crap and handouts to his supporters. Oh, wait… there’s also the $30ish billion and counting on keeping GM and Chrysler alive so the union workers can keep their overpaid jobs and fantastic benefits while producing substandard products. Well, I guess there’s also the $180 billion he spent keeping AIG afloat long enough to “wind down” all their failed gambling debts. Oh, and there’s also the untold trillions the Fed is on the hook for if housing prices keep going down, not that that is going to happen; after all, the “stimulus” pork extrusion will make everything better, right?

Now that I think about it, $17 billion just doesn’t seem like that much money to be saving after all that waste and corrupt payouts, but maybe I’m just not seeing the big picture. Maybe I need to take my blue pill; Obama sounds like an incompetent pandering moron.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Nick – I couldn’t have said it better myself, brilliant, concise, and unfortunately true.
“Obama sounds like an incompetent pandering moron.”
Well said…

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