Corruption in Washington D.C. – Miniscule Obama Cuts Meet Resistance,Dems Fear Business More Than Government

Remember last week’s entry here on the 17 billion in ‘cuts’ that the Obamanation was hawking to the fawning, adoring press? Well I’m reading a Washington Post article here that is reporting that even the .5% in ‘cuts’ is being met by fierce resistance in Washington. Yes folks it really has gotten that bad, even a head fake ‘cut’ can’t go through the Capital. These guys are so addicted to OPM, (other people’s money) that there truly is no hope for them. Even the Obamanation isn’t the greatest hindrance to our Republic’s future – it’s the entire Establishment. I love the picture above taken from the Post article, this pic was taken at the Office of Management and Budget, the folders being handed out to media people contain the “Terminations, Reductions and Savings.” Take a look at the Washington pols and media types in the pic, is that a Rastafarian guy,(the one with the beard)? Good grief. Caveat – if you read the Post article, beware that the overall tone is that these ‘cuts’ are substantial, essentially towing the White House talking points, (shocker).

Listen to this rat on the sinking SS America from the article -Rep Maurice Hinchey Democrat of NY vowed to force the White House to accept delivery of a new presidential helicopter Obama says he doesn’t need and doesn’t want. The helicopter program, which cost $835 million this year, supports 800 jobs in Hinchey’s district. “I do think there’s a good chance we can save it,” he said.

This is what our Republic has come to, multiply this type of pork-barrel pet project times hundreds of Representatives and you get an idea of why there even is a $3.6 trillion budget, half of which is deficit-financed on my children’s children here.$800 million for a heli that the Obamanation doesn’t even want? Notice that I photoshopped the picture at the beginning of my piece and came up with the one on the left. No kidding here folks, really!

Which brings me to another issue of the day. Do you think that most Americans think that Big Government is intrusive and dangerous to our freedoms, economy, and future? Or do you think that Big Business is all that is evil and antithetical to America? It turns out that the answer to these two questions is split across party lines. The Club For Growth had the Gallup Poll graph at the right up today. 80% of Republicans and 59% of Independents think that Big Government is the biggest threat to America. Only 32% of Democrats believe this. Wow. A majority of Democrats, 52% believe that Big Business is the greatest threat. From the corresponding Gallup article hereWhatever the cause, Republicans have grown somewhat more concerned about the threat of big government and Democrats have grown more concerned about the threat of big business, but Americans as a whole still rate big government as the greater threat.

At least the Daily Nightmare that occupies the Oval Office is consistent with his party……


Right Is Right said…

Super blog, and thanks for your support on my blog

Opus #6 said…

Very interesting post. Especially the Gallup poll part. Those dems seem thick in the head to me. I suppose they won’t know it until they are on their deathbed and denied life-saving medical care. Maybe then they will realize the error of their ways. Until then, slurp up the OPM as long as the other people haven’t left the country yet.

Devrim said…

We need to get these democrats to a waterboard and ask who gave you sliced bread, big biz or big gubment ? How about Teflon, Kevlar, alliminium, electric can openers ?

How about a blog pool about how much of the $17 billion will actually be cut once congress is done with it ? My $5 says $8 billion tops.

Ky Long Rider said…

“Republicans have grown somewhat more concerned about the threat of big government and Democrats have grown more concerned about the threat of big business”.

To bad they’re not concerned about the American people.

Left Coast Rebel said…

R is R – Thank you

Opus – I don’t think that they will know it even at that point

Devrim – Good points!

KY – Indeed, both sides are guilty of having obsessions with scapegoats, I just think that the Dems target is a 180 from what it should be, they think that the problem is the solution..

KrisEveland said…

They are addicted to our money indeed. Time for an electorate intervention.

DaBlade said…

Strange that 3 out of 100 democrats couldn’t even chose one of the three choices given. They must have been looking for “George Bush” on the list and became confused.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Kris – time for mass firings of our ‘representatives’

DaBlade – Good point

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