Communist/Socialists are Democrat Coalition of Today

Years ago I decided to try an experiment on the net. I perused several communist/socialist websites to see how closely they resembled today’s Democrat party and/or the Left that controls academia, and the media. I remember trolling on a political message board, (something I don’t do any more – just bomb-throwers involved), and coming across an article that someone had posted. Upon reading the article, I was shocked at how similar most of the points were to what you hear today from the Obamanations, Reids, Pelosis, Michael Moores, Penns, of the world. The source of said article? Communist Party USA.

So this Sunday morning, armed with ample caffeination , (gloomy coastal weather outside being conducive to some net research), I went to several Communist/Socialist websites to pick up points and themes that to my ears sound verbatim to mainstream liberals and progressives.

First stop, the the official site of the Communist Party USA. This one is easy, I don’t even have to go beyond the home page for fodder. Right off the bat I am greeted with a story (leading), expressing to ‘immigrants’ (in spanish no less), the virtues of the celebration of “workers being united May 1.” I know a little spanish so I was able to decipher points , (correct me if my spanish is wrong), such as standing for ”working families”, the need for ”amnesty for workers” workers in ”green industries”, and ”universal health care.” Any of these themes sound familiar dear reader? The communists know that open borders and years of influx of poor and uneducated workers from Mexico have created a political class that could possibly change the political landscape of the US. Poor immigrant workers, legal or otherwise are ripe for the pickings of Leftist organizations.

I scroll down a bit, still on the home-page, and see a story on a documentary called ”At Home in Utopia.” Apparently it is a part of a PBS series detailing communist coops in the Bronx 80 years ago. Taxpayer funded Leftist apologetic garbage from PBS. The NYT sings the praises of this in a glowing article here. The NYT article sounds no different than it’s sister publication above and their article on the CPUSA.org.

The bottom of the page brings me to a special celebration of Earth Day. Evo Morales the President of Bolivia is pointed out as calling on the UN to make Earth Day an official ”Mother Earth Day.” It seems the same Morales that controls the media and the judiciary in his country, and has targeted former presidents, is a greenie and a Marxist.

Quiz – Who authored the following,
“Right now, we can put millions of unemployed people to work doing the essential work of building a green infrastructure: building public transit systems and components, researching and developing sustainable energy sources, insulating and repairing America’s homes and offices, educating the public about environmental practices, and cleaning up our streams, bays, forests and fields.”
Was it –
a) President Barack Obamanation
b) Al Gore
c) Communist Party USA?
d) Sierra Club

Next stop the People’s Weekly publication, (logo bottom right), and their website PWW.org. This site is also mirrored by a Spanish-only site, recurring recruitve theme? I’m sifting through different articles here and I find one that catches my eye in particular. Obama, Reform and the Role of the Left.” Right at the start the author, a Mr. Sam Webb (who happens to be the national chair of CPUSA), writes on Obama’s 100 days – ”Obama is a reformer and we are entering an era of reforms, possibly radical reforms.” He continues, this time on implementing socialism incrementally – ”We are still in a democratic, increasingly anti-corporate, phase of struggle.” Currently, the level of mobilization of the diverse coalition that elected Obama doesn’t match what is necessary to win his administration’s immediate legislative and political agenda, let alone more far-reaching reforms. Obamanation’s agenda too agressive even for an out and out communist? On activists like the Left Coast Rebel and you dear reader – ”On the one hand, it has to battle stop-at-nothing right-wing extremists and their backers who are intent on defeating Obama and the people’s coalition that supports him.”

Quiz 2 – On Arlen Specter switching to the Democrat Party, which publication said the following –”Specter has evidently decided to cast his lot with the tide of American history rather than with the shriveled puddle of right-wing extremism embodied by the Republican Party.”
Was it –
a) The New York Times
b) Newsweek Magazine
c) People’s Weekly
d) Does it matter? Birds of a feather
Last stop, the Democratic Socialists of America. Does their logo at the right remind you of the Recovery logo of the Obamanation? This member-group has been around since the 1980’s and is a spin-off of the several socialist factions in the US. They have tried to implement socialist policies and ideas in the Democrat Party based on the effective model of the Christian Right in the Republican Party. Affiliated membership today is 10,000, I found that the 77 member Progressive Caucus of Congress is affiliated with this group as they share the same goals. The Progressive Caucus is beholden to the notable likes of Barney Franks, formerly Nancy Pelosi, Dennis Kucinich, Henry ‘nostril’ Waxman, Bob Filner here in San Diego, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson Jr., Charles Rangel, and Bernie Sanders.

In their Red Letter, a newsletter for the Young Democratic Socialists, I came across parallels to what we hear daily. Here’s one in winter 2009 newsletter – “The main objective of the conference, (young socialist conference in Bolivia of all places), was to write a clear democratic socialist statement on global warming in the Western Hemisphere and explain our role in preventing global warming in the future.” So, reader, global warming has nothing to do with Socialism and politics?
Here is their Four Pillars of Economic Justice Agenda

• Progressive taxation and major cuts in wasteful military spending to provide necessary
public revenue;
• Universal social insurance programs and high-quality public goods;
• Powerful democratic labor and social movements capable of achieving equity in the labor
market; and
• Global institutions that advance labor and human rights and provide for a sustainable

Sound familiar?

Final Quiz – Who said the following -“I never saw a contradiction between the ideas that sustain me and the ideas of that symbol, of that extraordinary figure, Jesus Christ.”

a) George Bush
b) Barack Obamanation
c) Fidel Castro
d) Bill Clinton
I will provide answers to the quiz questions in the comment section.


Opus #6 said…

This gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

The Perpetual Candidate said…

Liberal Democrats are secret Communists? I can believe it. Makes me wonder if Stalin himself would approve of them.

conservative generation said…


Ever heard Hannity do his man on the street? My opinion is that most people are conservative at heart, but when asked, they agree with socialist ideas because they think that is what an intelligent person would say.

Take global warming. Your average greenie doesn’t have a clue or any idea who came up with the theory. They couldn’t name or understand any of the science behind it. Most probably don’t even know the name of a scientist that believes in it. They agree with it, because they think smart people agree with it and therefore, they’d be stupid if they didn’t agree with the smart person.

The best way to combat it is to expose it.

Susannah said…

ugh, ugh, ugh…It's just sickening. It has been just so insideous…My mom told me that when she was a college student (1960 ish), a communist student taunted her, saying something like, "Your grandchildren will live under communist rule…" Of course, she didn't even have children then, & her first thought was USSR. But wait! Her grandchildren are now MY CHILDREN & those communists aren't Russian, they're in our very own Congress, w/ the head honcho in the WHITE HOUSE!!! Heaven help us! & God forbid that we allow them to succeed!

Transplanted Lawyer said…

Here’s my quiz answers:

1) A
2) C
3) C

I didn’t use Google. Those are my real guesses.

Lynne said…

Well, hello ALL YOU DUMB ASS REPUBLICANS! I’m flattered that you all would spend this much time on me. I’m also amazed that you think that deleting me and “blasting” me bothers me. Thanks for the time and energy.

And while we’re on the subject of being nasty, can anyone explain why it is that YOU all are allowed to be nasty to ME and others, tell me to go f*ck myself, etc. but it is not ok for me to say anything? The bottom line is, you all can certainly dish out lots of what you cannot take. Period. Again, I’m flattered that you think you’re bothering me.
Have a nice day.

dmarks said…

Thanks for providing a survey of the existing fascist threats here and abroad.

Wow. What a nasty troll you have in the above comment. I think this is the same Lynne that told me to shut up just for not having her same political opinions (and this was during a civil comment exchange on Shaw’s blog).

Left Coast Rebel said…

Opus – Yes, these the public needs to know the parallels in philosophy!

Perpetual C – Many liberals and progressives are simply in bed with communists philosophically, Stalin would approve

CG – Great points, I have heard that part of Hannity’s show….very telling

Susannah – I agree, does the public know this? Can we stop it?

T Lawyer – correct on all except #1, correct answer is c)….

Lynne – I have no idea what you are talking about, off point comments, cursing, and name calling will be deleted here – make a case for liberalism and I will argue my points against you, I won’t delete your first comment, just make sure to keep the debate civil here on my site

dmarks – not sure where she came from, I welcome all civil discourse here….

fuzzys dad said…

Communist Democrats not a dimes worth of difference. Scary.

Always On Watch said…

An outstanding post!

Of course, most Americans today decry Communism while, at the same time, not seeing Communist philosophy’s direct ties with todays Dems and the growing government bureaucracy (Nanny State).

Left Coast Rebel said…

F D – It is scary

Always on W – Thank you for the feedback good points on your part too…..

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