California Propositions Tuesday Vote – The Governator’s Taxpayer Kitty-Toss from a 20 Story Building

Anyone that knows my views on politics in the state that I reside in know that I think that for the most part it is a lost cause. A third-tier nation banana-republic governance – run by powerful lobbyists, unions, socialist-liberal Obamanation types, topped with grovelling illegal immigrants given government goodies from the day they set foot here. The state is bankrupt morally and financially and losing productive taxpayers en masse. The fiscal budget here was bleeding to the tune of 40+ billion recently. In fact, we didn’t even have a budget until our illustrious Governator RHINO Boy got just enough Repubs in the Legislator to push through massive tax-hikes and debt, and other cuts, skirting the tough decisions that needed to be made and pushing future fiscal calamity down the road a bit. Kicking the can down the road as they say – more akin to throwing a cat from a 20 story building and hoping it lands on it’s feet.

Arnold Schwarzenegger symbolizes more things that are wrong with the Republican Party than I can even list here. I remember years ago when he was running to oust the last sham of a governor, Gray “Bengal Tiger” Davis. Arnold showed a lot of potential. He gave a speech to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers group that was incredible. Economic libertarianism, and Republican ideals shone. After his first year in office, he got the best score for a state governor from the Cato Institute. Something was amiss however. Slowly, year after year, Republicans have been shown to have been bamboozled by this man, a transformation of a Republican governor into another liberal Democrat. Demonstrated by Arnoldism such as global-warming alarmism, runaway spending and deficits, mismanagement leading to tax raises and more businesses leaving the state. Need I say more? Why even have the ‘R’ next to his name? Another case for clear party delineation again.

Leading to the main reason for my piece. On Tuesday, CA voters will make a decision on several ballot-measures that curtail the recent fiscal insanity. The Governator on the measures here -“If the propositions do not pass it could mean releasing thousands of prisoners, borrowing billions of dollars from already-strapped local governments and even drilling off the Santa Barbara coast. ” Hmm, I like the last part, I’ll trade prisoners running rampant and borrowing for drilling off of Santa Barbara. I mean, after all they are probably going to do the former anyway, why not drill? Note the pandering scare tactics on display? God forbid that we responsibly use our natural resources in the state, rather than pandering to and being hamstrung by the Enviro-Left. I want to curse here, give me a break.

Joking, scare-tactics, and pandering aside the Props are as listed –

(take note at what liberalism does to the human body conservative/libertarian Arnold @left, liberalized @right)

Proposition 1A – State Budget. Changes California Budget Process. Limits State Spending. Increases “Rainy Day” Budget Stabilization Fund.

Proposition 1B -Education Funding. Payment Plan.

Proposition 1C – Lottery Modernization Act.

Proposition 1D -Protects Children’s Services Funding. Helps Balance State Budget.

Proposition 1E -Mental Health Services Funding. Temporary Reallocation. Helps Balance State Budget.

Proposition 1F – Elected Officials’ Salaries. Prevents Pay Increases During Budget Deficit Years.

My take –
Prop 1A – Vote No, Ensures embedded tax raises, ensures future ones, no accountability on spending

Prop 1B – Vote No, Same as above, costs the state billions more in the future, leading to more tax hikes

Prop 1C – Vote No, Preposterous in detail, ‘borrows’ against future lottery revenues, adding insult to injury for what got the state in this mess in the first place

Prop 1D and 1E – Vote No, redirects revenue from ”millionaire tax” and ”tobacco taxes” to the general fund, both taxes should be repealed in the first place and have no place in a free society

Prop 1F – Vote Yes, reps shouldn’t be paid at all whilst bankrupting a state

Anyone that hasn’t voted absentee and is registered, get out and vote Tuesday!


LL said…

Have you ever read THE CITY OF BRASS, by Rudyard Kipling. Do me a favor, google it and take a few minutes. It’s short, it’s telling, it’s a vision of the present.

Schwartzenegger isn’t the problem, but he’s clearly a symptom of a much larger problem – a poster child to be sure of the direction we don’t want to go.

I voted the same way you did/will (I always absentee vote).

Great blog – you’re clearly in tune with the situation the nation is facing.

Ananda girl said…

I no longer live in CA, so I don’t have a vote here. My family still there, however, agrees with you. They are unhappy people.

But as for “take note at what liberalism does to the human body.” I say YIKES!

bluepitbull said…

I always have a spare room at my place if you need to leave.

At least here the Governor tries to stand up for us. We just got a new mayor in office whose 34…..just a face from what I can tell and has ties to many pro illegal groups. We can pray that it doesn’t become a sanctuary city here.

RightKlik said…

Liberalism destroys everything in its path.

Darth Rob said…

Political parties destroy everything they can get their hands on. I really get sick of left vs right, when in all reality neither side has an interest in doing what is best for the country. They each just want to destroy things their own way.

Conservative Scalawag said…

Getting kind of scary over there one the left coast. Hope something gives like the ability to use common sense and reason.

Left Coast Rebel said…

LL – Thank you for the reading reccomendation, I cannot believe the parallels that I am seeing here in The City of Brass, this is going to lead to a piece….

Ananda girl – Just like your family, a lot of CA residents are leaving..

Blue – Thanks for the offer, which state do you reside in? Would my wife’s kitty get along with your pitbull?

RK – Yes it does, it is a cancer of the mind and soul

Darth – George Washington predicted this, in one of his writings, he compared the competition of parties to inflammation: “A fire not to be quenched, it demands a uniform vigilance to prevent its bursting into a flame, lest, instead of warming, it should consume…..

Left Coast Rebel said…

Cons Scal – Good news today, it looks like these ridiculous props are going to go down in flames, I wouldn’t count on CA in the long term though……

bluepitbull said…

Heh heh,

We live in Texas, and we have cats, also.

It’s a shame that California cant see their way out of this mess, but this has been coming for decades, unfortunately.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Blue – It is a shame, CA has such an amazing variety of scenery and locales….then again so does Europe…

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