Acorn on Glenn Beck, Voter Fraud, and a Mobster Spokesman

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, was brought up a lot last election. They are a network of community organizers that advocate issues for poor people, most notably voter registration. Recently several states have brought lawsuits claiming fraud. They played an instrumental role in the election of the Obamanation, the campaign paid ACORN $800,000 to register voters and do other work. He served on their board in the past as well. Founded by a union-organizer named Wade Rathke in 1970, looking up information on Rathke, I found that the NYT here reported on July 9th, 2008, “that Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN’s founder Wade Rathke, was found to have embezzled $948,607.50 from the group and affiliated charitable organizations in 1999 and 2000. ACORN executives, including Rathke, did not inform the whole board, nor law enforcement, but signed an enforceable restitution agreement with the Rathke family to repay the amount of the embezzlement” Both Rathke brothers left the organization before the Chosen One was elected.

Over the years Acorn has rallied around ‘social justice’ and other liberal redress causes. We all know what that means. Something I found interesting in a WSJ article, “In 1995 Acorn unsuccessfully sued California to be exempt from the minimum wage, claiming that “the more that Acorn must pay each individual outreach worker . . . the fewer outreach workers it will be able to hire.” Mr. Rathke acknowledges higher wages can cost some jobs but that the raises for other workers are worth it.” Really? Liberalism knows no intellectually preposterous bounds.

Last year, voter-fraud investigations against Acorn covered 12 states. On Monday Nevada filed voter fraud charges against the group as well. Apparently before the last election, Acorn reps were requiring canvassers to submit 20 applications each day or face termination. The Nevada complaint alleges 26 counts of “Compensation for Registration of Voters,” which is a a felony under state law. From the AP story where I am reading this -“There was no firm quota,” -spokesman Scott Levenson. Other states are bringing up similar lawsuits.

The name above here brings me to last night’s Glenn Beck show. On the table was a discussion about Acorn and voter fraud with none other than the lead spokesman for Acorn, Scott Levenson. It’s interesting to me that my initial reaction to watching this guy was that he was a mafioso type. Reader, I watched this before writing the above so that was my gut feeling. It turns out that after Beck questioned him about his livelihood before he worked with Acorn, he admitted that he had been a ‘union organizer.’ Shocker.

Amazing that this cosa nostra tries to justify his company record by saying that the voter fraud commited was just ’employees.’ Patently absurd, a free press wouldn’t let guys like this get away with stuff like this. Beck rightly points out the equivalent Burger King mohawk worker boy bathing in a dish vat at Burger King and how the entire company was responsible for this.

Coming to my conclusion is the most important point here. ACORN has been tapped by the Obamanation Administration in a partnership to draw up the Census this year along with 281 non-profit groups and 111 corporations. I scanned the list here and it is a ‘Who’s Who’ in the liberal-redress crowd. Look for yourself, I sure didn’t see any Constitutionally-minded conservative groups on here. Reading a report at CNS News as well, I see that the Census Bureau is determined to count illegal alien residents in the Census, and enlist community organizers like ACORN to help with this. Read this report as well here. So to sum it up, with the election of the Wondrous One, our Nation gets to witness the Census being drawn up by nefarious activists, a hodgepodge of liberal groups, and the crowning achievement of counting illegal immigrant so that they can be fairly accounted for re: Congress redistricting. Am I missing something? I have never seen a Western government move so fast to turn a nation into 3rd tier status.


Ananda girl said…

He is smarmy. I am troubled by the exemption from minimum wage suit…what a huge flip-flop. It sure sounds like production numbers are required with so many making false registrations. If they aren’t getting paid by the piece, why would they go to the bother of making false ones? He makes no sense. Someone to watch for sure.

Left Coast Rebel said…

ananda girl – I agree, I can’t believe that this org is helping coordinate the census as well, just goes to show what ‘hope’ and ‘change’ actually are

stopsocialism said…

I was wondering if you would consider running this article on our group and post a link for your readers. If you wish to participate, make contact below. It requires about 5 hrs of your time to study the charges, an hour to vote. It’s all done on line and has the same legal standing as if you were being asked to participate on a Grand Jury Thanks, Jim Campbell


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