Team America Redux – Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton today in typical liberal fashion, calling for Somali officials to go after ‘land bases’ that pirates use to attack ships, adding that the U.S. will attempt to freeze the pirates assets. Does anyone really think that the pirates (terrorists), have liquid assets that the U.S. can find and freeze? Oh yes, the have brokerage accounts at Schwabb and are known to be avid day traders. Really! Obviously preposterous. As far as ‘land bases’ and the Somali’s aid, do I need to go back to the 90’s and remind everyone of the Black Hawk Down incident? Does Team America (read Hillary) really think she can make a few phone calls to the Somalis and ‘bingo’, a quick raid on their Centcom, problem solved? God help us.


Bungalow Bill said…

These pirates took hostages, but I didn’t hear her call them terrorist. They are criminals. Isn’t that sad how we have softened the language towards these thugs.

Left Coast Rebel said…

BB – rememeber, we can’t call them ‘terrorists’ any more, it’s not p.c., they are now known in our new lexicon as ‘misguided community organizers’

mksviews said…

That hillary pic gives me the creeps every time i see it.

She knows it won’t make any difference, it’s just a bit of a stunt to look like they’re doing something. It’s just so the useful idiots can point to something and say, but they’re doing something, never mind that it’s useless and won’t work. That never stopped those on the left.

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