Shining City Upon a Hill – Burning City of Rome

Envision a far-off country that is the envy of the world, a land of riches and freedom, of happiness and the pursuit of it. A country and society made of rules and laws not of man but of a Constitution. A Constitution standing the test of time and melded through people from all walks of life to create the most prosperous civilization ever known to mankind. From Africa to Antarctica this Country, this Nation, this People represent hope for individuals to chase their own initiative by their own free-will and volition.

Envision many decades ago in this society. Academics in Ivory Towers pontificating in their lecture halls on the errors and evils of this society, this shining city upon a hill. Pundits decry excesses, racism, greed, egoism in their news pages and publications. Politicians call for a public to flush the notions of capitalism and rugged individualism. “It is wrong for one person to have more than the next, this is inherently unfair and rigging the lottery of life” they declare.

New generations come into this society and upon age are met with daily frontal assaults on the values, edicts, and timeless knowledge of this society. These new generations, aghast at what a deplorable nation they are amidst, search for a better plan , an alternative. The professor and the newsman speak of brilliant Utopias that have never been properly executed, or so they say. The new generations find their answers on the streets, in the ivory halls, in the Smart Ones in Tinsel Town.

And today we see a poll that is a culmination of these efforts.


fuzzys dad said…

May God have mercy on us for wasting his gift of freedom.

Elm said…

I agree. We have allowed far to many politicains to take away our freedoms. We have wasted a precious gift. I hope we can get them back before its to late.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Fuzzy’s dad – We have wasted God’s gift of freedom and that of our forefathers that spilled blood for it as well, we are awash in gluttony and entitlement, we have a president that represents this

Elm – We have let our countrymen vote these politicians in as well, our leaders are only as bad as we let them be!

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