Rober Gibbs on the Plane Scare – Contact the White House?

Press conference yesterday with Press Secretary Gibbs, new levels of naked incompetence here regarding the Air Force One photo-flap.

Reporter to Gibbs, “Do you feel you owe folks in NYC this morning an apology for this incident…there seemed to be a lot of panic.”

Gibbs eloquently, “I will point you to FAA or Air Force…”

Reporter, on getting to the bottom of this, ”Everybody is pointing us to the White House military office, so that’s why….”

Gibbs brilliantly, “Well then I would contact the White House…I uh..I..uh..”

Certainly NYC folks should feel so much better after hearing the official spokesman for the White House, really clearing up the confusion here. Contact the White House? You are the official mouth of the White House! Are you kidding me here? I have never seen anything like this.


Obama Nation said…

How embarrassing.

Left Coast Rebel said…

O N – Insane and embarassing, if I didn’t hate this socialist admin so much I would have almost felt sorry for him….

Hammer said…

I love it when they trip over their own stupidity and fall flat on their faces.

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