Resisting the Urge to Throw a Shoe – Barney Vs. Harvard Student

Yesterday a Harvard student at the JFK School of Government had the gall to call out Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Barney Frank. Frank is frankly (no pun), one of the most obnoxious and arrogant lawmakers in Congress that is directly responsible for the toxic relationship between Congress and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These two organizations under congressional oversight (and owned by us now), had a large role to play in giving loans to people without the means to ever pay them back. Thus the ‘subprime’ crisis ensued and caused a lot of the pain in the economy today. When pressured by the Bush Administration in 2003 to relinquish much of Fannie and Freddie’s power from Congress to the Treasury Barney wanted nothing to do with it here. Barney also received substantial contributions from the two companies over the years, just a smidgen though compared to the Obamanation, Hillary, Chris Dodd, John Kerry and others. See this here.

Barney deflects the student’s questions (God bless the student for having the guts), and blames everything on a right wing conspiracy. Of course. Watch the video if you can stomach it, this guy needs to be in prison based on the evidence above…..


Conservative Scalawag said…

I don’t wear shoes, I wear boots. They have more mass and hurt more when you chuck them at liberals.

It is amazing that a college student can have more civil debate that a 5 term congressman,who hurls personal attacks and no direct answers.

Nathan said…

Frank is an absolute joke…good graphic, the dinosaur for children deserves more respect than the Congressman.

Tim Daniel said…

Scalawag – Good call on the boots, steel-toed hopefully? Amazing to see the young man keeping his cool while this Joker Barney just angrily points fingers. I would love to attend his trial….

Nathan – Joke indeed, the dinosaur is more respectful!

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