Americans at Tea Parties on April 15th, Obamanation – ”I’m With Stupid”

“My administration has taken far-reaching action to give tax cuts to the Americans who need them” – Obamanation

A repeated lie does not make a truth. In Washington la-la land it does. Apparently the Obamanation thinks that it does too. The above jewel was uttered by none other than him on Tax Day today, a day that most Americans loathe. He touted having his part in the ”most progressive tax cut in American History”,(wow those damn rich people have it coming). Click here for quotes from the Father of progressive taxation. He said that he was getting rid of “unnecessary giveaways that have thrown our tax code out of balance”. Check back to the quotes for the real meaning behind this. He then went to say that wealthy Americans are ”extremely lucky”. Of course all wealth comes from luck, not hard work, drive and determination.

Most unnerving was the pathetic display today of various American that the Obamanation had on the stage behind him. These he called examples of ”working families” that he is standing for, clearly poor souls that decades of wealthy folk’s decadence have hurt. He even (gasp, wow!) highlighted a gentleman in this group as being involved in a business that is thriving in the renewable energy business. Obviously he’s making a profit but since it is in one of the protected liberal special interest business groups, he is to be applauded, and not ‘lucky’. Once again, God help us.


Leslie said…

Good post! Exactly, we all know that riches comes from luck and not from the sweat, determination and effort of a hardworking individual…right?

Well, we knew he had to come out and say something today…

Excellent points you made here.

I will give you two quotes (but not who said them) guess who said them…guess who they sound like…

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”

Keep speaking out!


Nick said…

What do you want to bet his version of streamlining the tax code amounts to just taking everything from anyone who has the gall to try to work for their fortune in his brave new world? After all, “those people” have been extremely lucky and got to live a better lifestyle than the working man, and we know that everyone should be living equally, whether they work or not, in the socialist utopia of the Obamanation.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Leslie – Thank you for the support here! As to your quotes, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess on the authors of your quotes –
1 – I believe that Adolph Hitler said this
2 – Stalin?
Nick – Brave new world indeed, an ever increasing demand of government largess on an ever decreasing number of middle-class taxpayers (read anyone that makes income getting hosed)Thousands of people at the Tea Party here yesterday that agree with this!

Leslie said…

Right on the first. You will be surprised to know it was the same person who said the second.

KrisEveland said…

It’s sad that so many people believe him, but I don’t think he realizes how many of us know perfectly well that he’s lying through his teeth.

mksviews said…

“A repeated lie does not make a truth. In Washington la-la land it does.”

And amongst the ignorant, lazy masses. They choose to stupidly believe that what has failed everywhere in the world over history will somehow work in America. Not even America is that exceptional.

“Of course all wealth comes from luck, not hard work, drive and determination.”

And don’t forget, the wealthy always did something wrong to get that wealth, the lazy welfare-queens had some injustice committed upon them, they weren’t just lazy.

“Once again, God help us.”

If you’re one of those who want to work and earn their money.

If you’re one of the parasites, then hussein will make others ‘help’ you, for a while.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Mksviews – The masses are lazy and ignoratic, susceptible to a dogmatic ‘leader’, America is not different on this as you say. I am a person that works hard for what I have, hence the anger and irritation. Good luck in the land down under!

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