Bailout Mutual Funds?!?!

This one came to the top of my stack ‘o stuff for the weekend. The Obamanation administration is toying with the idea of giving the American public the chance to buy mutual funds invested in toxic loans. The asset and theme is similar to the “Liberty Bonds” that the public were encouraged to buy during World War I. Inherently the same toxic loans that caused so much economic damage and prompted all of the bailouts would be packaged up and sold to the public like stock. The Obamanation think that this may quell some of the populist anger toward the Bailout Bandits and Wall Street. It is being hailed by Pimco’s Gross (liberal), and Geithner our favorite elf-boy lookalike Treasury Secretary. These guys all think that this is just a genius move and once our 201ks and IRAs recover because we bought some of these Bailout Mutual Funds, we’ll soon forget the trillions flushed down the toilet and forced onto our grandchildren via debt and higher taxes. Wow! Amazing, that they could come up with something this incredible. This has to work! America will be saved! Where’s my broker? Dialing…..dialing….he’s not picking up….


Opus #6 said…

He has never run anything so complicated as a Popsicle stand. I’m not about to invest in anything that he’s in charge of.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Opus – A popsicle stand would be pushing it, what a sham this idea is, just a way to skirt the real issues and make it seem like the Obamanation is for the ‘little guy’ thanks for dropping by!

Conservative Scalawag said…

LCR,you are right,that would be pushing it. For the only thing he has run is his mouth.

These ideas are nothing short than grasping at desperate straws.

fuzzys dad said…

To the people that will buy this stuff. I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale.

Left Coast Rebel said…

CS – These are desperate straw grabbing schemes from the Obamanation – I can’t believe the incompetence!

FD – On the same note I have a bridge to London for sale too….

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