Oceanside Tea Party!

Today I attended the Tea Party in Oceanside Californian, a coastal city north of San Diego. It was encouraging to see so many concerned citizens expressing their dissafection with the current regime in our government(s). As this four-sided sign expresses, this is not a Democrat/Republican issue.

I talked to an Oceanside PD officer and I quote, ” This is the most peaceful rally I have ever seen.” Are you listening main stream media? Porbably not.

This is a couple, husband and wife who make their living trucking. I jumped up the platform on the side here, grabbed the rail on the side and said “God bless you guys, I appreciated you making a stand and being here”

Yes I did, the Treasury Secretary however, that’s another story, one set of rules for we ‘peasants’, one set for elitists……

Obamasham, Awesome!

The crowd gathered here to throw tea into the sea….

Queen Pelosi, not amongst us…..


KrisEveland said…

Great pics, thanks for the update in your area.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Kris- you are welcome, it was a lot of fun, unseasonably cold, and energizing to be with like-minded folks…..

mksviews said…

Yeah great pics, glad to hear it’s going well and people are starting to make their voices heard.

“Are you listening main stream media? Porbably not.”

Well, i think they are listening, just not helping in any way possible. You see most of them are socialists too, in the tank for Hussein. They won’t help you, because they don’t want you to be free either, they want socialism like hussein and his cronies.

Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way.

Left Coast Rebel said…

mksviews – Most MSM folks are socialists as you say, it is known that the typical media-type is much farther left than even the typical democrat. Pray for us here in the US, it’s going to be a bumpy ride with the Obamanation at the helm. The man is an imposter on a good day. Do you have capitalist leaders in Australia? Or are they afflicted with the same disease that our leaders here have? Thanks for checking out my blog too.

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