Obama to Business – ‘Come Here Goatboy’

Reuters today with a story showing US CEO’s negative outlook hitting record lows. This reading came about despite the market’s rally off the lows, (bear market rally in my opinion). Apparently businesses see tougher times ahead. The mainstream media of course see no connection between this continual malaise and the Obamanation. It is simple cause and effect that our new leader and team have in just a few months beaten down the already low business spirit with aggrandising, posturing, promise of punitive tax increases and a general ‘fat white men in board rooms smoking cigars caused our problems’ mentality. At the worst possible time in recent history they have come out guns ‘ablazing with the most insane approach possible. Scapegoat, and I’ll be damned, business is ever more disheartened! These guys simply see the people that make America work,(businesspeople), through a prism of prejudiced distrust as if we are all disfigured goatboys to be penned up and beat into submission……


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