Let’s get a Photo-Op over the World Trade Center Site but not Tell Anyone – Obamanation

Does the Swine flu have you nervous? The piggie-flu is just a distraction to New Yorkers, a distant second to a spectacle concerning what looked like a hijacked jet.Earlier today thousands of people looked up into the sky and saw a 747 jet flanked by an Air Force fighter jet making provocative maneuvers. Soon thereafter employees at the New York Mercantile Exchange, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and other institutions evacuated their buildings, sending thousands of citizens fleeing to the street and prompting hundreds of emergency 9-11 calls. When the dust had cleared and the ‘stunt’ became apparent, NYC Mayor Bloomberg came out with a press briefing admitting that city officials and the federal government hadn’t properly warned the public. The Obamanation also expressed outrage and Louis Caldera, the director of the White House military office took the blame. I’m sure it was all laid at his feet.
Confused? I was too. From what I am reading, it seems that the Obamanation Administration had been planning a photo-op of Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty in the background?!?! Wow, that sounds great, tough on terror, right? Can’t you hear it in the public classroom -” Look Johnny 2nd grader, there’s a poster of Obama and Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty in the background, let’s put this in every classroom along with a huge Hope and Change banner in Collectivist colors!” Woohoo!
Today, this flight took place without proper communication between fed and city officials and the sight of a low-flying jumbo jet horrified many lower Manhattan residents. I really feel for these people in NYC.

This is shockingly insane dear reader, can you imagine if such a stunt occured during the Bush administration? Can you imagine how many times over the outrage from the howling media hyenas would be heard? And to compare this with the “Mission Accomplished” Bush flap? This kind of behaviour and antics reminds me of a Banana Republic. Apparently I’m reading here now too that several agencies were notified but the public was out of the loop. Can you imagine this? Can you imagine walking out of your office and seeing a plane circling the lower Manhattan area at altitudes as low as 150 to 100 feet? According to one eye witness, it looked like the plane was ”heading for the Goldman Sachs building.” This is unprecedented. Watch the videos below to see for yourself.

Remember these same people that can’t even coordinate the photo-op flight of the ‘backup’ Air Force One (and I’m sure Obama was behind this too), want more control over our lives at every point. They have the American public corralled and frightened and want more of our hard-earned dollars, appeasement to our enemies, control of the health-care system, total control over the economy. And they prove every day just how disastrous this is. Big Government kills the human spirit. In this case, by unnecessary sheer panic and heart attack.


conservative generation said…


Excellent post! Juxtapose this with Cap and Trade and we can see just how serious Obama is about eliminating America’s carbon footprint!

It also shows how sensitive the administration is to 9/11 and the city that suffered the most from it.

By the way, did you hear Gibbs in front of reporters on the issue? He looked like a dear in the headlights.

Elm said…

Obama said right after his inauguration that quote, “The buck stops here.” Now, after another snafu, he plays the blame game. When is he going to take responsibility for the good AND the bad? Until he does that he will never be a leader, no matter how well he delivers a speech.

Left Coast Rebel said…

CG – Yes, this shows no repsect whatsoever for the memory of 9-11, I did hear Gibbs, what a shame most Americans won’t hear this story

Elm – These guys are just liars, remember Pelosi’s ‘most ethical congress ever’?

Ananda girl said…

Wow. I can’t believe they would not have seen panic as a possiblily.

Left Coast Rebel said…

ananda girl – no kidding, and we trust these folks with our security?

cfm990 said…

Can we say pre 9-11 mentality. When air force one flies,with the President on board, both planes are airborne. This tells me Obama had to know. The Air Force isn’t going to take his jet on a joy ride, without prior white house approval.

Steve said…

It must’ve been a really important photo to panic a whole city. I can’t wait to see it! Maybe he can send an electronic copy on an Ipod to the Queen of England on her birthday. I would feel really good about that as an American.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Steve – no kidding, maybe the plan on putting Obama’s face on the Statue of Liberty, I wonder what the Queen will think of her new photo, you’re onto something….

Red said…

This is just yet another show of lack of give a damn that Obamhole and his minions have for the rest of America.
It just disgusts me how oblivious these people act and then wonder why the rest of us with common senses are flipping out.
It disgust me the manner in which people are so willing to deify this talking head of a president.
The video footage is shocking and unsettling. I wasn’t there and I found it disturbing with shades of 9/11 panic stirring in my gut.
We are being lied to and told to shut up and take it, everytime some wheel gets in front of a microphone or teleprompter.
I hope and pray that a viable third party rises from what will be the ashes of this great nation should this current administration be allowed to carry out the rest of their agenda. Then we won’t have to worry about D’s or R’s anymore. They are all the same anymore anyway.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Red – I agree, they could care less about our country, they are doing a huge toilet flush to our entire republic, media enabling. We are being lied to on a daily basis. I really hope for a third party as well. Ron Paul?

Susannah said…

Absolutely they knew~ Perhaps they wanted panic, so that people get used to living in fear & turning to their Gov't for answers…create a pattern & the Gov't becomes the panacea…

Maybe I'm sounding all conspiracy-theorist here, but what better way to get people to give up the sense God gave 'em than to scare the @#$% out of 'em…??

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