Stimulus Spending Tours – Idiot’s Guide to Socialism

Politico – A political pattern to stimulus tour. Here.

Cronyism, favortitism, socialism, banana republicism, statism, corruption, generational theft. All of these words come to mind this morning as I am reading the above article from Politico. It seems that there has been a “White House Stimulus Tour“, since the so-called Stimulus bill passed. This is something that I wasn’t even aware of. At a total of 66 nationwide events, cabinet officials and even the Vice President have held rallies and handed out checks. I’m looking at a picture of Biden at a rally from Politico (at right), he’s holding up both hands like some sort of cross-bred combination of a used-car salesman huckster/ t.v. evangelist. “Come forth ye party faithful, I present blessings for your faith in your Saviour, go forth and prosper with the ill-gotten gains of future generations of citizens footing the bill…”
I am actually reading here DHS chief Napolitano handed over a larger than life check to the United Way at a Stimulus rally in Virginia.

From the Politico, a Mr Jack Pitney a political professor in California -“It’s always great to play Santa Claus when the sack is bottomless, it’s better to shore up your base and spend time in swing states than it is to spend time in states that will probably go against you anyway.”

Hmm, swing states? I’m sensing something here. The “Shore up the Base Stimulus Tour”? And excuse me Mr. Academia Useless Idiot, but the United States is bankrupt and broken, the goodie-sack is not bottomless – this cosa nostra regime is doing what a typical banana-republic regime would do – printing dollars, inflating the currency, pushing debt onto future generations – all to garner votes.

Fears are confirmed again, Politico – “But the numbers tell the tale: 52 of the 66 events were in states that backed Obama. And taken together, the itineraries amount to a veritable map of Obama’s election-night victories.”

Shocking but not surprising. Of all of the absurd shenanigans that I have been beholden to in the last few months, this story and theme nearly tops them all. These administration cronies are brazen enough to actually flaunt the ‘free’ tax-payer dollar goodies to Blue-State piggies in circusesque taxpayer-fleecing freakshows. Returning the nation’s wealth to it’s rightful Blue owners. Our god-awful state-sponsored US press won’t even connect the dots on stuff like this. Absolutely disgusting. Atlas Shrugging, my thoughts bring me to a voice that America needs desperately.
Ayn Rand –

”Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others.”

And it is this most basic classicaly liberal concept that is forgotten as our Executive Looter Administration pillages future generational success, audacious enough to host a tour of celebration of such.

Update : The Capitalist over at My Freedom Post put up a great article today that really parallels mine here. Titled Obama’s Trickle up Poverty and the Failur of Obamanomics, the Capitalist puts up the points that the Obamanation’s policies, even six month into his term, are a complete abject failure.
From the story –
Obama’s Trickle up poverty, also known as Obamanomics, has been an abysmal failure in only six months. So far, we’ve seen another two million jobs get stimulated up in smoke, two major bailed out car companies file for bankruptcy in spite of receiving billions in taxpayer welfare, and long-term interest rates in the bond markets almost double. So much for stimulus, any more stimulus and soup lines are going to come back in style. Of course the sycophants in the mainstream media, the Obam worship team, put the most positive spin on the additional hundreds of thousands of newly unemployed every month….


Bungalow Bill said…

Yes, and it reminds me a lot of Hillary's Health Care tour.

madmath1 said…

Marx must be smiling ear to ear, and Jefferson, Washington, and Lincoln are turning in their graves.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Bungalow B – Me too…that one came to a bad ending for Hillary, could we be so lucky?

Madmath – I agree

Carl Wicklander said…

Another word to describe this is "bribery" and then we suddenly know how politics works! To think, we could have saved all that time in high school and college political science classes.

blackandgoldfan said…

By the time Barry is done, we'll be just a little worse off than Zimbabwe. I really hope I'm wrong on that. DAY-O!!!

TheCapitalist said…

I've noticed that the President, V.P., and their ilk, are overly generous with other people's money. Never there own money, however.

As long as it's the next generation footing the bill, they think of it as the great vote buying credit card in the sky.

They have no concept that these deficits will come home to roost in the form of either hyper-inflation, high taxes, or both.


Left Coast Rebel said…

Carl – mafioso bribery, future generational style…no kidding, why even have political science when it just comes down to banana republic shenanigans….

Blackandgold – indeed

Capitalist – The debt level, printing of dollars, is going to create a malaise in the economy, hyper-inflation, high taxes, all of the above, thanks for reading!

The Law said…

TheCapitalist, the president, and everyone in Washington for that matter pays taxes. Under Obama's own plan, he is taxed at a higher rate than you, so he can lower your taxes. Bailout money comes out of his taxes too, and in higher proportion.

The other stuff is up for debate, but let's keep it clean shall we? I hear things like cronyism, favortism, and corruption… do you really think it would be that much different with McCain at the helm?

But look, I'll give you one thing… if GM isn't an ultra viable company withing a couple of years, that would clearl be Obama's biggest mistake to date. But the socialist rhetoric I think is a bit unfair. Most democrats prefer to see the majority of Americans benefitting from the American dream. That doesn't mean we beleive in government take over and taxes… everyoen hates taxes! In the same way you can call me a socialist, I can call conservatives anarchists. But what to we get from the name calling in the end really? Again, the other adjectives are debatable, but I think calling liberals socialists sort of implies that we don't like American as much and seek to transform it into this psuedo-european state. This is simply not true.

Left Coast Rebel said…

TL – A few things, thanks for writing –

1.) I know that everyone pays taxes, as you say. The problem is that government largess and the subsequent high taxes that ensue are taking a larger and larger share of one's earnings. I co-operate a small business. In the past we have done well but as self-initiated people that don't make millions, we are overtaxed. Living in CA seals the deal. For myself on 150,000 from business (earned income) –

Federal income tax = 28% (effective)= 42,000

Self employment tax = 15% on first 90,000, 3% after 90,000 (forced to pay both sides) = 15,300

State income tax = (10% kicks in starting at 20,000) = 13,000

Corporate taxes = (dependant on year's business, varies)aaumption = 5,000
Bottom line on 150,000 is roughly 75,000, not including 'hidden' taxes as well such as sales tax on taxes on goods and products, etc. This is a 50% tax liability , assuming no tax deductions or at least negligable ones as I have had, not owning a home. The term 'why bother' comes to mind when you have a 50% partner with negligible gain.

Obama's tax plan on 150,000 –

Federal income tax @ 33%

State remains @ 10%

Self Employment on all 15,000, not just the first 90,000

Obama's income tax take = 49,500
Obama's self employment take = 22,500
State CA take = 13,000
Corporate taxes = 5,000
Total tax liablility = 90,000
Tax liability % = 60% of income
The term 'why bother' takes hold now, a brain drain ensues as European-socialism takes hold in the tax code. The above amounts don't take into consideration as well things such as government run health care, cap and trade, and other schemes they are proposing. This is clearly pseudo-european socialism my friend. I think that the treshold is crossed when anyone that earns an inocme is taxes over 50%……

Conservative Scalawag said…

Where is the duct tape,I need duct tape.

Dear God, this man is going to tax us into oblivion,bankrupt the country,and all while shredding our rights to get more of our property,money,and liberty.

blackandgoldfan said…

Hey LCR! I read the Governator has suggested a flat tax rate in California. What's the latest?

Left Coast Rebel said…

Conservative Scal – Duct tape to seal up the leaking SS America? He is going to tax us into oblivion, trouble is Americans don't even see it coming….

Blackandgold – I haven't seen the latest on that, I'll get back to you…

The Griper said…

the law,
" In the same way you can call me a socialist, I can call conservatives anarchists."

the opposing system of anarchy is a dictatorship. so, either you are admitting that a socialist is advocating for a dictator or you are trying to mislead.

as for the choice between a dictatorship and anarchy, i will choose anarchy. at least then i know i will be making the choices of my own life. so, go ahead, call me an anarchist.

The Law said…

The Griper, if yu quote me, I'd ask that you'd use the full quote.

" In the same way you can call me a socialist, I can call conservatives anarchists. But what to we get from the name calling in the end really?"

My sentiment has a completely different connotation. As innaccurate it is to call you an anrachist, it is equally inaccurate to call me a socialist. I don't think name calling gets us very far in the end…. thats the point i'm trying to make here.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Griper – nice to see you, it's been a while.

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