Socialized Medicine, Now or Never, Giant Red Sucker for Suckers?

Obamanation – “The next few months a make-or-break period for health-care legislation in Congress.”
Story here.

Why the rush dear reader? Considering that the US health care industry is such a large portion of the United States economy, (17% of GDP), why would the Obamanation want to hasten government control so desperately? Why not debate pros and cons with both sides of the philosophical spectrum and come to reasonalble terms of debate? Why push for it right now, now or never? Why?

Socialism makes main street queasy and nervous, even though it can be sold to them with messianic silver-tongue platitudes and ‘hope and change’. When the people sniff out that they are soon to lose control over their lives, they realize that the empty promises of the pols, messiahs, and statists of the day aren’t worth the cost. And therein is precisely why the Obamanation wants this thing now. We are thought of as a bunch of suckers being sold a bright red sucker. And this sucker is going to bankrupt a bankrupt government. Adding another socialized program on top of the soon-to-be insolvent Social Security and Medicare programs will annihilate the economic mobility of future generations. Uncle Sam will essentially be a dying patient on the bed in his own creation of socialized bureaucracies.

Care rationing. Long lines. Bureaucratic number crunchers gambling one’s life or death. Infinite tax increases to make up for a distorted supply demand equation. Sound good? Sound like powers granted to the federal government and enumerated in the Constitution?

Bullet points on the eventual schemes and why any liberty-minded American must oppose –

  • Sky-rocketing medical costs in our current system are largely explained by the fact that insurance coverage insulates recipients from the cost of health care and does not limit care provided. Socialized systems of medicine correct this equation by limiting supply – rationing. It’s a simple fact in any socialized medicine system. Click here for a list of stories of rationed care in Great Britain.

  • Having a federal medicine Leviathan in charge of even a large portion of the medical industry would skew the supply/demand curve. Government under-pricing of services would force for-profit corporations to exit the business, thus the government would fill the vacuum, creating excess, largess and eventual dominance. Ring the death-bell for the taxpayer and medical quality.

  • Administrative Waste – remember that pennies on the dollar of each tax dollar that you you pay actually ends up at the prescribed destination. A government system would be massively wasteful based on history, common sense and the socialized model in place in other countries.

  • Socialized systems of medicine inhibit widespread access to advanced medical technology. Click here for stories from Canada where Canadian citizens have fled their homeland in search of treatments, therapies, and surgeries either not allowed by their socialist system or in other cases long waiting lines for procedures that are allowed but difficult to get. Canadians come to the US to flee there system. Where is that story in our media and the Socialist Democrat party?

  • Overarching loss of liberty and freedom with such an instrumental government takeover. Ostensibly the industry is suffering, cost are skyrocketting, precisely because of government intrusion and bureaucracy. In typical statist fashion the solution is more government control. Click here for stories on this topic.

So basically folks, I think that a federal government takeover, even in partiality of our health care system is a joke at best and a total disaster at worse. That doesn’t mean however that it won’t happen, unless we stop it. Remember –

If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving subsidize it.

It seems that we are at point c). without even a whimper…..


Bungalow Bill said…

I don't know how they plan to break it. There will be no debate–just like the stimulus. We are all going to be lucky to get healthcare once this is past considering Obama says the country is broke.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Bill – our freedoms are slipping through our freedoms, we need to rise against this damn thing like we did with the McLame Amnesty bill and the Dubai Ports Deal. I was literally on the congressional switchboard for a day straight when they were trying to get amnesty through, I know what it meant being that I live in San Diego. Let's stop this!

Left Coast Rebel said…

Correction – freedoms are slipping through our fingers

Conservative Scalawag said…

Just like a used car sellsman, rushing you to buy car, only to find out later you just bought a piece of junk.

This is the same thing, rushing us head long in to catastrophe.

We the People need to tell out legislators to slow down, read the bill,and vote "NO" on more socialism.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Cons Scal – exactly, just like with the Amnesty and ports deal, hit the switchboard!

Nick said…

One of the more aggravating things about this proclamation, aside from the disaster that socialized medicine would likely be (especially ramrodded through a partisan Congress with little debate and no compromise), is the statement that it's now or never. If it was, really, now or never, I might personally be inclined to support moving forward with the legislation, having the "debate", and going all-out to push the few remaining not thoroughly corrupt Senators to filibuster it beyond the deadline. If it really was not going to return if defeated now, in any other form, it might be worth risking the catastrophe of its passage to ensure it's never raised again.

But of course, the statement is as false and ridiculous as virtually anything else Obama has said, either during the campaign or as the leader of the Obamanation. Socialized health care has been tried before, and will be tried again, even if this attempt doesn't manage to purchase enough Senators… uh, I mean votes – no wait, that's supposed to be "convince", not purchase; I keep getting my theory mixed up with the corrupt disgusting reality… to become a horrifying reality now. Just another lie from the Obamanation.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Nick – well said my friend, I agree. I truly cannot believe that the Obamanation can think that a statement like this can muster the support for collectivizing 17% of the economy. Then again America is asleep.

William said…

Interesting photo of a medical team trying to resusciate Uncle Sam. Where is Dr. Kevorkian when we need him?

madmath1 said…

If you want a prime example, other than Canada, where our health care will go if the government takes it over, just look at our education system. Massive amount of money, but 80% isn't even spend on anything related to the classroom (including teacher) but administrators and other government officials and most importantly, the Teacher's Union (with is nearly 60% Administrators). What do we have, kids that can even use a ruler to draw a straight line, can't even read and write their names (man, I can't tell you how many of those I saw), teacher's that earn 1/3 of the administration, no disapline of the enforcement of rules and laws, out of control spending on worthless or unnecessary projects or regulations. I could go on, but I think everyone gets the point. Just look at where the auto industry is going. Add rationing and it will be a true blue nightmare that may have Americans going to Cuba for care. I think Dr. Kevorkian would be the poster child that would best metaphoring the state of medicine if this happens.

Left Coast Rebel said…

William – We need Dr. Kevorkian to euthanize socialist utopian ideals in this country!

Madmath – I agree, as with any government program, our only a fraction of our hard-earned tax dollars make it the actual program, like you say, this is true for 80% of the money spent on education. Thanks for your thoughts!

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