“Learn to Speak Tea Bag” NPR’s Latest and Greatest Infringement of Propaganda


by the Left Coast Rebel

A treat, (that’s not), in my inbox this morning was from James at Reaganite, a post that he put up pointing to a flash cartoon posted at the publicly-funded NPR website. I watched the cartoon myself and was so disgusted that I had to turn it off 3/4 of the way through. The gist being that if you are against the horrible legislation of ‘health care reform’ circling the drain in Congress, then you are a moron, a backwoods type, a complete mental midget and mental retard. It’s funny that the communists at NPR view my liberal friends that are against the health care reform under this light. But then again, they aren’t ‘tea baggers’ and such. View it with disgust here.

James at Reaganite Republican writes:

Publicly-funded NPR has posted a flash cartoon on their website that’s nothing short of pure propaganda, designed to prop-up Obama as his poll numbers crater. And it manages to insult a significant chunk of the electorate in the process… portraying TEA party activists as too stupid to grasp the complex issues that Dear Leader has so obviously mastered (lmao).

Note Saul Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals #5:
Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

James is particularly correct about the Alinsky-like tactics in play with this story. Read the rest here

h/t to Moonbattery for graphic


Sue said…

Unbelievable! I KNEW there was a reason I never listen to NPR. Also, I guess it is a good thing Mark Fiores works from an undisclosed location in San Francisco. Disgusting. I love your Saul Alinsky quote…

Right-Wing Libertarian said…

Heh — that's all they have? No wonder they're laughable. NPR has been the primary tool of the Berkeley-set commies for decades.

It'd be funny to see their funding yanked when they overlook a clause or two in the Fairness Doctrine.

Just begs the question: Why are they so afraid of we conservatives?

Clay Barham said…

How a free economy works is coming to Amazon.com soon. It is a book called SAVE PEBBLE DROPPERS & PROSPERITY, also cited in claysamerica.com. The book provides the reasons for America’s success in a world unable to achieve freedom, prosperity and success, other than dictatorship and special interest elite bennies. It talks about the psychological foundation for prosperity. The basic, simple elements of prosperity are listed in claysamerica.com and are great Tea Party justifications for those new to politics. There are enough people learning why and how today to activate the brakes to Obama’s headlong rush to European Marxism and bigger government. The tradition of individualism and freedom is still too strong for the kind of centralizing power-grab we are experiencing today. Claysamerica.com

Journalizer Objectivity said…

The problem is not that this video is insulting or offensive to tea partiers. The problem is that this video is an example of what the mainstream media is exposing most of America to, and therefore what it says is unquestionably considered true. I'll never forget when I was watching the Ed Show (I try to watch all stations) on MSNBC and they had a panel of people. The host (dem), another democrat, and a republican. They were debating the Health Care bill. The two dems made their points and then to refute them the republican said, but according to polls America does not want this bill passed. Now, this was back in August, so it wasn't widely known that polls indicated opposition, however, I was shocked at the response this republican got. The two democrats scoffed at him. They lifted their noses and treated him like an imbecile toddler. They said, "yeah, right. What polls are you looking at." Then they continued to support the bill while the republican could do nothing and just shrugged his shoulders.
The problem truly is that people do not realize how real and easy brainwashing is. Basically, all we understand about reality was dictated to us by others. Very few people go out and explore and question this dogma. There is a great deal that we have been taught that is inaccurate. That is why I base my beliefs on personal experience– not faith in anything whether it is religion, science, or politics.

We all must question reality.

Sparky said…

I'm not sure, but I think NPR using public funds to back any legislation (pro or con) is illegal? Maybe you could ask Legal Insurrection about this one. Anyone up for a class action law suit … ??! 🙂

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