Leaked Internal DSCC Democrat Memo Proves that you are an ‘Extremist’

by the Left Coast Rebel

Bungalow Bill brought this to my attention, an internal memo from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on talking points for Democratic candidates and general assessment as well. Bungalow Bill calls it an attack on the 1oth Amendment and states’ rights. I agree. I would add that the memo is incredibly Orwellian. It is no wonder that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign doesn’t want the public to see something like this as stated at the end of the memo: *For Internal Use Only. Not for attribution or distribution without permission of DSCC*

Here are a few questions that the cronies at the DSCC think Dems should ‘stick to’ GOP ‘far-right’ congressional candidates. The DSCC puts this series of questions flatly in the ‘extremist’ column with the intention of showing the ‘extremist’ ideological streak of GOP candidates, I answer as well:


Do you believe that Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen? Yes and the issue is a non-issue.

Do you think the Tenth Amendment bars Congress from issuing regulations like minimum healthcare coverage standards? Yes, that makes me an extremist? If so then I am an extremist.

Do you think programs like Social Security and Medicare represent socialism, and should never have been created in the first place? Yes. Yes. Yes. I also believe that we have an obligation to seniors to see these programs through. I believe that I should have the freedom of choice to ‘opt out’. Aren’t you pro-choice?

Do you think President Obama is a socialist? I believe that Obama believes in central planning over the individual, if that means ‘socialism’ then Yes.

Do you think America should return to a gold standard? Yes. The gold standard would disallow our politicians and the Fed from manipulating our currency. Don’t you argue for transparency?

Bungalow Bill also points out that this memo attacks the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. This memo proves that the Democratic party looks upon traditional Americans with disdain. This memo, meant to be kept private, proves that the Democratic party believes that those holding basic Constitutional concepts of governance are to be labelled as ‘extremists‘. Recall that the term ‘extremist’ is only put into use when another target is discussed – terrorists.

For they dare not call terrorists ‘terrorists’ and instead opt for ‘extremist’. You heard it recently with the Fort Hood ‘extremist’ shooting, likewise with the panty bomber.

So as a simple, logical conclusion, you Mr. and Mrs. conservative/libertarian Constitution are (almost) no different than a terrorist.

It is under this prism of thought that progressive thought lies. Do you not see why our President and leadership are so deranged?

Images of ‘extremists’ via. a simple image search:

Extremists according to the United States press, Barack Obama, the hierarchy of the Democratic Party:


Red said…

Dude. Uncool.

Just Jenn said…

I suppose I'm a Right-Wing Extremist then 🙂

TAO said…

Yeah, I want to opt out of social security and medicare!!!

Now, I will leave it to LCR how to figure out this 'obligation' thing to our seniors….considering that todays seniors are living on my dime and his!

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said…

Oh Bravo. Yep. Me too, buddy,me too.

Red said…

Seems like anyone with a lick of common sense and a patriotic bent is a RWE. Just stupid of our administration to keep trying to butt heads with us.

MissTammy said…

Proud Right-Wing, redneck, tea baggin' Extremist, reporting for duty, SIR!

Sparky said…

Hubby and I are right wing extremists too. Let 'em *try* to arrest us. [wink]

conservative generation said…

I don't see Obama as a socialist. He's a fascist. He only talks like he's a socialist, but when he enacts policy, it's fascism. For example…his Czars, his take over of banks and car companies, his intention to use the EPA to regulate carbon, his tax on banks and his threat that they are not allowed to pass the tax on. I could go on forever. So no, I definitely don't believe he's a socialist. I guess I'm not a crazy.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Jenn – you are in good company then.

@ KOOK – Yes, yes, yes.

@ Red – Totally agree!

@ Tammy – All of the above here too except for the tea baggin'(slur and all).

@ Sparky – I hear you, I may seem nice(er) but there is a 'Don't Tread on Me' streak a mile wide.

@ C-Gen – Hmm, actually I think that the term 'fascist' move you up the DHS foodchain.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ TAO – I am glad to see that you are only 'pro-choice' when it comes to abortion.

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