Larry David is an Idiotic Self-Loathing Leftist Hollywood Tool

by the Left Coast Rebel

I apologize for my profound redundancy in the title of this post, the word “leftist” is actually the all-encompassing term for other words and pejoratives such as self-loathing intellectual, Hollywood elite, wealth-hating wealthy types, wealth-production-hating wealthy, educated foolishness/tomfoolery, blame and hate America crowd yet those that wax fondly over dictatorships, celebrate “diversity” but hate Christmas, hate Christianity but adore Islam, the “enlightened” that want a mosque next to Ground Zero but have banned Wal Mart from NYC, scream “green” but own 10,000 sq. ft. homes, grant clemency to notions that have killed hundreds of millions (even in recent memory), those that think unemployment “stimulates” economy….am I leaving anything out?

This graphic represents everything above, perfectly:


Oh yah, almost forgot. Seinfeld brain Larry David tries to be really funny in the New York Times (which is really hard to do when juxtaposed to real clowns like Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich and Paul Krugman) today and pledges his wealth to the dystopian redistributionist cabal that reigns in the District of Criminals that, by the time they are done with this country; will confiscate 100% of everyone’s earnings and fulfilled their excuse for their existence which is to take down the brightest example of human freedom in the history of man.

But wait, he doesn’t actually pledge his wealth to DC, though – he just (predictably) tries to make light of the “rich” not having to pay higher Obamanation tax rates. Regardless, it’s a real hoot to read Larry David’s words as I don’t see him standing in line to donate his ill-gotten wealth to the forced charity coffers of the Federal government!

Think about this – if Larry David wanted to attempt true humor, he would poke fun at the limo-liberal elitist mentality that rules the roost in the town that he claims home to.

And if you want to pay a vast majority of your ill-gotten earnings to your betters, Larry; then simply write a check out the Feds and pat yourself on the back at Hollywood cocktail parties.

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