Keystone Kop-in-Chief

by Proof

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Remember when President Obama wanted to spend a lot of money and tried to justify it by calling it a “jobs bill”? His mantra for passing the bill was “We can’t wait!”

Now, after three years of studies and delays, Obama is asked to just get out of the way of a project that will create tens of thousands of jobs that not only will not cost the government any thing, in fact it will add to government coffers, and Obama says, “Okay. We can wait.”

The Obama White House is trying to spin this to make the Republicans at fault for setting an arbitrary, political time line for the President. The fact is, this deal is on the verge of going away and not coming back, as Canada finds another customer for its oil.

Additionally, the White House is crying that those mean, nasty Republicans are trying to rush this project through without a chance to study the alternatives…only, there have been more than three years worth of studies on this pipeline.

This is such a no brainer that many of us are astounded that the Chucklehead-in-Chief is standing in the way of this. It creates real, good paying jobs at no expense to the taxpayer. At a time when Iran, on the threshold of becoming a nuclear power, is threatening to blockade the Strait of Hormuz, the pipeline would provide added energy security in the case of any stoppage of Middle Eastern oil. We would be giving oil revenues to one of our closest allies and trading partner instead of sending them to countries prone to funding terrorism.

It would provide good jobs, union jobs, revenue to the states, to the feds and to tens of thousands of citizens in the time of recession and Obama doesn’t want to risk alienating his environmentalist wacko base before the election. Nice.

If there was ever any doubt that the Narcissist-in-Chief cares about anything other than himself, the fact that he is willing to put his own electoral success (and access to a private 747, lavish parties with movie stars, paid vacations and all the golf courses he can dream of) over the welfare and prosperity of the American people should disabuse anyone of that notion.

The Keystone Pipeline would be good for America. Obama is against it. You do the math!

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  1. .

    You do come across as a petulant sniveling child.

    OH look, you come up with another 'name of the day'; such depth and insight. Yuk yuk yuk. Really, how many ways can you come up with calling a person another name. You are such a man.

    If name calling advances your argument, then you are really doing well.

    "… a project that will create tens of thousands of jobs that not only will not cost the government any thing, …"

    According to Murdoch media/Fox, the project will bring 100,000,000 jobs (20,000,000 Shovel-ready.). Murdoch Media/Fox also says these would be permanent high paying jobs that will rival CEO jobs and make all workers a part of the top 1 per cent.

    MM/Fox would not lie.

    Do the math.

    Ema Nymton
  2. Ema, you have an odd style to your comment. You seem to be arguing against who reports the facts.

    Let me add that the reason Obama is against this pipeline, for the moment, is to get his cut from the union. He is a Chicago thug and it is as simple as that. He uses his power to intimidate opponents and extort money from his friends. Barack Obama is a national disgrace.

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