Karl Rove on Lisa Murkowski: Sad and Sorry

By Proof

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On Fox News Sunday this AM, Karl Rove said that Murky Lisa Murkowski’s write in campaign is “sad and sorry.” As quoted in The Hill:

“Absolutely no she can’t win,” Rove said. “Under the law, you have to carefully spell the name exactly correct, now everyone go to your pencil and paper and write the name ‘Murkowski’ and see if you got it right.

“No, she’s going to lose,” he said.

“Now, the bigger, more important question is is she going to keep a Republican from winning,” with her write-in bid, he said. “Who would have thought that one of the most conservative states in the country ran the risk of having two liberal Democrats who follow the Obama line representing it in the United States Senate? And that’s what she could do as a spoilsport.”

FNS also showed a clip from the Alaska primary loser Murkowski:
…Alaskans come to me saying “Lisa: Please give us a choice…”

Seems to me that Charlie Crist in Florida said something along these same lines. What do these dim bulbs think a primary is all about? The voters made a choice and it wasn’t them. Are these people such narcissists that they cannot accept the rejection? Or have their bellies been up to the public trough for so long that they cannot bear the thought of having to go out and make an honest living?

If any of these self absorbed professional pols act as spoiler and keep the duly elected Republican nominees from winning in November, we should take note of these folk and make sure they couldn’t win a race for dogcatcher in the future…even if they run unopposed!

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Teresa said…

She is disgraceful.

Just Me said…

Well to answer your question; yes… they are narcissists. I can't speak for Alaska, but as a Floridian; the switch-a-roo isn't going to work for Crist.

Pedaling said…

Murkowski just hammered the last nail into her political future.

Proof said…

"Murkowski just hammered the last nail into her political future." Yeah. I can see being disappointed in losing. I can see giving only tepid or nominal support to the person who beat you. But, splitting the ticket shows you care more about your self than your party or your nation.

Hoping the Blind Will See said…

Also a Floridian, and Marco is marching his way to victory! That doesn't change the fact that we have too many politicians who are in it because of sheer ego, instead of for the country (or their state). ALL those folks need to be taken down and told to just slink away…

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