Jon Voight: November 5 Capitol House Call Protest

by the Left Coast Rebel

I caught this live, apologize for the quality of this video,(in addition to the Wingnut label, some sorry progressive MSNBC=hater type had this up), the other Youtube versions were hacked. Even Big Hollywood had to put up a grainy vid-cam version on their site. Anyone have a clean version of this speech?

Here’s the man:

For anyone that want to watch it, go here for the entire Cspan Bachmann/GOP anti socialized HC Rally.


Hack said…

John Voight is one of very few people in Hollywood that actually have common sense. I've always admired this guy. I like the new design by the way.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Hack – Me too, thanks!

The Right Guy said…

How appropriate on Guy Fawkes Day.

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