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Exotic Animals of the 2016 Campaign

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The Joe Bydena, (Cassanovae Plagiaristmus), commonly known as a “laughing’ hyena, is, in reality, more of a “laughed at” hyena. Although phylogenetically closer to weasels, Joe Bydenas are behaviorally and morphologically similar to canines in several aspects; in other words, the Joe Bydena frequently acts like a dog. Both hyenas and canines are non-arboreal, cursorial hunters that catch prey from behind, sometimes massaging the shoulders of unsuspecting prey.

Hyenas groom themselves often, and are considered quite vain. They defecate in the same manner as other Carnivora, though they never stand when urinating, as urination serves no territorial function for them. Instead, hyenas mark their territories using their anal glands. In the wild, the Bydena has been known to imitate the calls of other alpha males, particularly the Welshae Coalminerimus

Hyenas are used for food and medicinal purposes in some areas, including Muslim nations under the Shafiite school, where hyenas are considered halal because of their omnivorous diet. This practice dates back to the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed that different parts of the hyena’s body were effective means to ensure love and fertility. This differs somewhat from the Joe Bydena’s opinion that ALL parts of the hyena’s body were effective means to ensure love and fertility!

The Joe Bydena ideally sees itself as a pack animal, even leader of a pack, if it could only find a single pack that would accept it.

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Joe Biden Is Full of Gas

By Proof

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Joe Biden gave a speech to Ukrainian legislators a few days ago. One statement really stood out to me:
And as you attempt to pursue energy security, there’s no reason why you cannot be energy secure. I mean there isn’t. It will take time. It takes some difficult decisions, but it’s collectively within your power and the power of Europe and the United States. And we stand ready to assist you in reaching that. Imagine where you’d be today if you were able to tell Russia: Keep your gas. It would be a very different world you’d be facing today. It’s within our power to alter that. It will take some time, but it’s within our power. Very difficult decisions, but within our power.
One of those "difficult decisions" that is "within our power", would be to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

Al Sharpton: Obama Politically ‘Crucified’

By Proof

Between two malefactors*:

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“Malefactor”: From the Latin, ‘evil doer’.

* Hard to narrow it down to just “two” in this administration!

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Handicapping 2016 yet?

By Dean L

It's early.  2016 is a political lifetime away.  But there are already some indications of what might happen in the next presidential election.  True, these indicators should be taken with a block of salt, but it sure looks like certain things will come to pass.  Other things are less clear, and of course nothing is certain this far out from the election. But the 2016 election already has me thinking and so far I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy.

Not my numbers – click for source odds.
In a series of recent polling and news items it looks like it's a fait accompli that Hillary Clinton will be the next Democrat presidential candidate. Others in the race who may have a chance to contend – Cuomo, Biden and Kerry - will all have their work cut out for them. As CNN noted, she's lapping the field. She probably has already locked up New Hampshire. She hasn't said she'll run, she's busy making gobs of cash in different ways. The sort of cash one might need for say a presidential run. She's going to run. I'm not suggesting she has an impressive list of accomplishments but that doesn't matter – the press was able to make a threadbare Obama resume into the greatest guy EVER for audiences. Clinton has no business answering the 3 a.m. call (Benghazi or Bosnia ring a bell?), but it just doesn't matter.  She's the next liberal superstar heir apparent.  She's going to run, and she's going to be the Democratic party's nominee.  She's going to be the press' nominee.

Why Yes, Joe Biden, Obama is on the way to a Failed Presidency

by the Left Coast Rebel

He’s known to take part in gaffes of epic proportions. He displays an ever-present air of aloofness and even stupidity. Perhaps if here were a blue collar kinda-guy, you might even have a beer with him.

That’s why, when I saw the headline at Memeorandum today that Vice President Joe Biden authored a PaWo piece titled, “Obama: On the way to a Failed Presidency,” I inquisitively investigated the source with less trepidation than one would expect. As a commenter at Legal Insurrection quipped, it behooved me that the ‘human gaffe machine’ had quite possibly reached an epic, epistemic closure, nearly apocalyptic gaffe-moment.


It’s a simple algorithm glitch at the computer-controlled site that screwed up the title and inserted Joe Biden’s name in lieu of the actual author. Far-left The Nation writer Katrina vanden Heuvel is credited with the Washington Post piece.

Professor Jacobson saw the same error and grabbed a screen-shot of it:

Obama is on the way to a failed presidency, as he was from day one; when a miraculous set of events took place that led to him assuming the office of the presidency then subsequently seeking to “transform” the nation to a European welfare state against the vast majority of the American people’s loudly-voiced will – as November 2 proved.

Related at Althouse: “Does Katrina vanden Heuvel have a Joe Biden sock-puppet?” (that’s pretty funny!)

Updated: Katrina vandel Heuvel sucks so bad that the vast majority of the blogger chatter over Joe Biden’s her Obama hit piece is related to the Memeorandum authorship algorithm glitch. As Instapundit would say – Heh.

(VIDEO) General Electric Exec. Jim Campbell Faints as Joe Biden Speaks at GE

by the Left Coast Rebel

I have limited access to internet today but this caught my eye via Memeorandum, Breitbart:

Right before Jim Campbell of GE fainted, Biden’s mouth:

“The country that does not innovate stagnates….”
Truly ironic words to make a high level Obama-company official faint?

You tell me.

Joe Biden’s F-Bomb Today at Socialist Health Care Signing: “This is a Big F*cking Deal” UPDATED, VIDEO

by the Left Coast Rebel

(UPDATED with Video)

Who are these people? To think that this classless, clueless moron is Vice President of the United States of America. This is a big f@#king deal and certainly not in the sense that this idiot thinks it is. Joe Biden wouldn’t be qualified to scrape the horse dung off the bottom of the boots of any of the Founders. Here’s the Youtube video of Biden’s f-bomb signing gaffe:

Weasel Zippers informs us that Tyrant-spokesman Gibbs thinks this is a ‘big f8cking deal as well’ and let it be known on Twitter:


Despots, fools and idiots. For a real hoot, check out Think (un)Progress‘ reaction on this.

UPDATED x2: The Humble Libertarian brilliantly sums up the Biden f-bomb gaffe and what it represents:

No grand, eloquent, or flowery speech here. Nothing like “One small step for man…” just a crass “this is a big fucking deal!” How emblematic of the corrupt, classless, gutter politics dominating the White House today.

The vulgar language is a fitting capstone to the vulgarization of America’s parliamentary and democratic processes for the sake of unwanted Federal price-fixing and the sweeping consolidation of an already unchecked, monopolistic health insurance cartel.

What Joe Biden really meant to say when he dropped the F-bomb was “**** you, America!” That was the essence of the Democrats’ message and attitude in passing this health “reform” legislation.

Read the rest. Via Google Trends.

The Biden Funeral Rounds out the Google Trends 20

by the Left Coast Rebel

After perusing the Google Trends 20 this morning, imagine my curiosity when I saw the top search ‘Biden Funeral’ at Google Trends. Of course I knew that nothing ill had befallen Vice President Joe Biden but the headline jumped out at me nonetheless. The WSJ is reporting that Jean Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s mother has passed away so obviously we send condolences to the Biden family, (politics having no place). Read the AP report here and the Trends page here.