Joe Biden’s F-Bomb Today at Socialist Health Care Signing: “This is a Big F*cking Deal” UPDATED, VIDEO

by the Left Coast Rebel

(UPDATED with Video)

Who are these people? To think that this classless, clueless moron is Vice President of the United States of America. This is a big f@#king deal and certainly not in the sense that this idiot thinks it is. Joe Biden wouldn’t be qualified to scrape the horse dung off the bottom of the boots of any of the Founders. Here’s the Youtube video of Biden’s f-bomb signing gaffe:

Weasel Zippers informs us that Tyrant-spokesman Gibbs thinks this is a ‘big f8cking deal as well’ and let it be known on Twitter:


Despots, fools and idiots. For a real hoot, check out Think (un)Progress‘ reaction on this.

UPDATED x2: The Humble Libertarian brilliantly sums up the Biden f-bomb gaffe and what it represents:

No grand, eloquent, or flowery speech here. Nothing like “One small step for man…” just a crass “this is a big fucking deal!” How emblematic of the corrupt, classless, gutter politics dominating the White House today.

The vulgar language is a fitting capstone to the vulgarization of America’s parliamentary and democratic processes for the sake of unwanted Federal price-fixing and the sweeping consolidation of an already unchecked, monopolistic health insurance cartel.

What Joe Biden really meant to say when he dropped the F-bomb was “**** you, America!” That was the essence of the Democrats’ message and attitude in passing this health “reform” legislation.

Read the rest. Via Google Trends.


  1. Sickening, isn't it LCR! GMTA, I just posted about this too.
    The funny thing is that Obummer's big day will be forever ruined in history by Biden's buffonishness! ha ha ha. I couldn't watch it live, I was about to puke.

  2. conducted a poll among 286 viewers of a video clip featuring the signing of the health care reform plan. Results found that the majority (61%) reported that Vice President Joe Biden should publically apologize for using profanity after introducing President Obama. In addition, slightly more than half of the viewers (51%) reported that Biden’s use of profanity will negatively affect perceptions of the United States government.
    More in depth results can be seen at:


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