Jim Cramer on White House Enemy List?

Another gift from the Fearless Leader camp today to my blog. Apparently there is a rumour out there that Cramer, (brave enough to call out the Obamanation attack on capital), is on the White House’s enemy list. Cramer thinks that the Obama camp is blinded by their ‘save the world’ mentality and that they are pushing a radical agenda on the cusp of an economic downturn that may turn into a depression. A depression is in play with an administration declaring war on the very businesses that it needs to creat jobs and revive the economy. It is my guess here that Cramer is playing his cards well – he’s a Democrat and he wants to protect his image amongst the investor class. He sees the danger of the Obamanation and that they, along with Congress, are not even remotely governing from the center. I can offer dozens of points as to why this was misguided on his part in the first place but what’s done is done.

Today from his site –

” call me a general of an army that Obama may not even know exists — tens of millions of people who live in fear of having no money when they need it and who get poorer by the day.”

“But Obama has undeniably made things worse by creating an atmosphere of fear and panic rather than an atmosphere of calm and hope. He’s done it by pushing a huge amount of change at a very perilous moment, by seeking to demonize the entire banking system and by raising taxes for those making more than $250,000 at the exact time when we need them to spend and build new businesses, and by revoking deductions for funds to charity that help eliminate the excess supply of homes.”



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