James O’Keefe: New Jersey “Teachers Unions Gone Wild”

by the Left Coast Rebel

I just caught this over at Newsbusters, hat-tip Geri:

Self-styled “investigative journalist” James O’Keefe has released his latest undercover project. He took a hidden camera into a meeting of the New Jersey Education Association, and heard some pretty astounding things. Check out the video below the fold (WARNING: explicit and vulgar content).
Be warned, the following video is NSFW and has some very incendiary language:

Can you say home-schooling, defunding the Department of Education, charters schools and vouchers? I would vote to disband and criminalize the teachers union cabals across this nation as well.

A palate cleanser:


madmath1 said…

Ahhhh memories of when I was teaching and how I hated that worthless corrupt union I was FORCED to join. Believe me, it's a lot worse than what they're showing here.

John said…

That's 130 million tax dollars to further the cause of higher taxes! can we say "vicious circle"?

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