It’s Not Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings – Cap-and-Shred the Constitution, Chicago-Style

What a day folks. One thing lead to another and basically my entire day was devoted to killing the Cap and Tax vote. I learned a lot today, it reminded me of the time that I took a day off from work to hit the lines, email lists and the Internet on another key vote, that time from McCain/Bush – Amnesty. Today’s activism was a combination of repeated phone calls, support for calls by others, spreading the word here, spreading the word on other blogs and Twittering like it was nobody’s business. And unlike the Amnesty fight, today we lost. And just like as was the case with the ‘stimulus’ bill, no-one had time to read the entire 1300 page bill. What an absolute mockery to our Republic, our system of Constitutional checks and balances, our sense of civic decency.

Minority leader Boehner, sounding like that which a real Republican should, reading the 300 page pig-man Waxman 3a.m. amendment in a mini-filibuster, sent chills down my spine. Why does the GOP sound great when they are on the losing side? Why did I never hear leadership this certain and strong when they had the reins of power? Why?

A bizarre, perfect-storm of events – Michael Jackson passing on, the State media fixated on such story. Imagine our Founders looking down at us today. Our hallowed press and the freedoms constitutionally given to inform and protect us from a coercive and destructive government thought it better fit to print, chatter, and inundate the public with the death of a man that in many senses was out of his mind. An entertainer with bizarre affections for children, a disturbing appearance, an emblem of the depravity and bankruptcy of our culture. Our liberties, our freedoms, our Capitalism hanging in the balance of a simple House vote. Silence from our pathetic, laughable State-sponsored press. Throughout the day I scanned popular conservative blogs for some direction on the events, the vote, where to direct my energies. To my shock and dismay many bloggers were MIA. Malkin was spot-on, as was The Other McCain, HotAir and others as well were sounding the alarm and organizing the troops. A lot of the Big-Boys were not. We need better organization in the conservative blogosphere!

Well politics is politics. And only Democrats actually do what they say once elected. Republicans love to say one thing (limited government, etc.) and do the precise opposite. In many ways today’s vote was emblematic of this. These guys have this power to do this because my side lost it’s constitutional, limited government roots. And now we are suffering.

And speaking of my guys – 8 voted Yea on this bill. The bill passed 219-212. I know that many of my readers attended public school, as did I. Can you do the math here? Hmm…..yes, the 8 GOP Yeas passed this thing. Now I ask that we find them. We harass them (civically). We ensure that they are never reelected.

Mary Bono Mack (Calif.), Mike Castle, Mark Steven Kirk (Ill.), Leonard Lance (NJ), Frank LoBiondo (NJ), John McHugh (NY), Dave Reichert (Washington), Chris Smith (NJ).

RINOs, RIP. Remember, in this new Obamanation, you can turn the wrecked car in for $4500.00. It’s worth it, really.

It’s not quite that simple though. Apparently from what I heard on Savage’s show tonight, there were a lot of Chicago-thug type shenanigans behind the scenes to garner the necessary votes. Dem pols were making the rounds with Blue-Dog Democrats and the above GOP reps to garner their votes. Porky goodies, bridges to nowhere, just name your price – so the Chicagoan thugs said. And as is the way in our pathetic Washington (a total disservice to the 1st President’s name), the strong-arming worked and this thing barely passed. Next stop the Senate. Over my dead body. Over the RINOs dead bodies, you may be $4500.00 richer……..


Just a conservative girl said…

We have to start our letter writing campaign now. They need to have stacks of mail when they get back from thier break!! We also need to set up some sort of fund to support the opponents of the above. They need to be kicked out of office. I understand the NY one. they have to be moderate there or you don't get elected.

Spinsterpov said…

That strongarming thing caught my attention. So sad that our Congressmen are up for sale that way. As therapy I wrote a song paradoy about it to the tune of King of the Road on my rhetoric to relevance blog.

Also, I needed some theraputic violance to sustain me and decided to watch Fight Club. But Fuse has pre-empted all programming to become the all Michael Jackson all the time network of the day. I really could have used some good violence.

Jan the crazy lady said…

I hope they follow their votes to see where their buck lies. No reelection for them.

Sold out is so true. Worked hard for the last 3 days. Am exhausted, but not going to stop. With this aggressive agenda they have, who has time too.

Spinsterpov said…

What really chaps my backside is that they're so much more concerned about doing everything fast instead of doing it right. Of course the right in this instance is to not pass it at all.

TCL said…

TV was so full of MJ today. Even Fox News couldn't help themselves. Too bad people can't get as excited about their country as they get about a dead pop star.

Bungalow Bill said…

Michelle Obama is warming up.

Opus #6 said…

I'm loving your descriptions.
"absolute mockery to our Republic, our system of Constitutional checks and balances, our sense of civic decency.
bizarre affections for children, a disturbing appearance, an emblem of the depravity and bankruptcy of our culture
only Democrats actually do what they say once elected. Republicans love to say one thing (limited government, etc.) and do the precise opposite."
Well put-together and well said.
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but rising every time we fall."

goddessdivine said…

I am frankly disgusted with the obsession of MJ while our country hangs in the balance. This thing should not have even hit the House floor. Goodbye country, hello communism.

Gosh I hope the Senate has more sense.

Spinsterpov said…

My whole stance on the MJ thing was, won't he still be dead tomorrow? Couldn't this wait so we could cover the actual events truly impacting everything we hold dear TODAY.

By the way, never try to update the layout of your blog after drinking whiskey. I learned that the hard way and hope you learn from my mistake. The whiskey was desperately needed though.

Nick said…

May have to update my rant about the bill today; hadn't read about the strong-arm political tactics when I was writing it, but it would fit in well.

All that being said, though, the best bet for killing obscene partisan Democrat crapistration was and remains the Senate. Despite the creative attempt at a partial filibuster by actual reading the monstrosity of the Obamanation (perish the thought that someone in the House of Obscene Jokes would actually read a bill before passing it), the House is heavily stacked toward the Democrats side; in spite of the 40 or so Democrats with enough common decency to vote against this idiotic bill despite all the pressure, bribery, and overt corruption, this was basically a foregone conclusion with how lopsided and partisan the House is. At least in the Senate if we can scrape together 40 Senators with a shred of moral decency and/or a few brain cells remaining, we can have a chance to slow the crumbling of the once-great United States.

nacilbupera said…

Great post! We really felt you hit the issue on the head: while the ostrich has its head in the sand morning MJ, Congress took no such break and passed the biggest, covert tax increase ever.
We also wanted to thank you for your hard and noble efforts which we are not presently able to duplicate due to work/time constraints. Although the bill passed, it passed so narrowly that it gives the Senate strong impetus to disregard it.
We know everyone likes to toot their own Congressman, but we were really impressed with our freshman Rep. Chaffetz who tried to tack on an openness amendment requiring disclosure of incremental cap-and-trade costs on electric bills to consumers.
Finally not all of us were MIA on this: at Nacilbupera, we raised the alarm on this May 31st and again yesterday. We haven't and we have no plans to do any posts on MJ.

Andrew33 said…

I have already started my attack on the RNC which was oddly absent and silent during a time when the house was going to pass the biggest attack on our economy in history. This was a chance for Republicans to stand up in unison and show where they are different from the sniveling wolves across the aisle and they did not. Yes, many Republicans put up a good fight but Michael Steele should as the head of the RNC been there twisting arms in a huge way. He also should be making the "rounds" on the cable news channels, apologizing to the American people for the actions of the sniveling elephants that joined the sniveling donkeys.
I want to thank all of you for helping in the assault on you various congressman/or women's e-mail boxes and the local and congressional switchboards to which I never got trough. This may have impacted, as LCR said, the vote enough that the senate will be much more timid about voting on it. Or we will have to have an election so far to the "right" that a push to repeal all this garbage happens

blackandgoldfan said…

Today, June 27,2009, marks the first day of open season on the careers of those who voted for this garbage. I for one, will have Murtha's career in the crosshairs, and I normally don't miss. Hope he enjoys being unemployed as much as he thinks his constituency does.

Just a conservative girl said…

My understanding is that it has little hope of passing the senate. I live outside of DC. Quite literally I can be at the capitol building in about 20 minutes. My 9-12 group has decided to "thank" the above in person. We are working on getting some sort of media to come with us. We have two conservative leaning newspapers locally. The Examiner and The Washington Times. We are also going to call Glen Beck and see if he can help us get some media attention for our visit. If we can get media with us, they more than likely will not ignore us. I can no longer stand by. This has gone too far. We need people to visit thier local offices as well. If you know anyone who lives in these districts, they need to act now. Within 12 hours of the vote there is almost 1,000 members on facebook to kick them out of office. Everyone must use the social networks to get the word out on these people.

LandShark 5150 said…

LCR; remember, our big(R) system and those who subscribe will never win, they play the same D game. We have to return to the little (r) government, as our founders intended. I would rather stand on founding beleifs and lose than win on conflicting ideas. But that's me.

Andrew33 said…

I am just a 16 hour drive to D.C, and I already intend to do so on 9/12. If possible, I will join you there too on this day. I get 33+mpgs on the highway so it's not like it takes alot of gas.

Andrew33 said…

This is my post from KOOK's blog on this:
Scare Tactics????
I have been pondering the vote on energy tax all morning. I was wondering why those Repubs would vote just enough to get this passed in the house by 1 vote. This seemed odd to me, and then I remembered that these are politicians running for election in 2010. I am wondering if maybe the Republicans (knowing that they have Dems strongly siding with them in the Senate against this travesty) gave Pelosi a one vote win intentionally. Is it possible that knowing this has no chance in the Senate, the Repubs intend to use this as a weapon in 2010 so the gave in just enough to let it pass by 1 vote in the house. This is putting more faith in Repubs than I usually have, but we are entering the time when both parties will begin posturing for the upcoming elections and maybe this is an attempt to give Dems the rope to hang themselves as they did in 93/94. This goes back to Minority Leader Boener's curious statement that Repubs are allowing Debate….to leave it to those across the street to do their jobs. As far as I'm concerned this scenario is be dangerous brinksmanship with the future of the country but it is a scenario worth considering.

Left Coast Rebel said…

Conservativegirl – Yes! I'll follow your lead here, keep us posted on your 9-12 group! Go get 'em!

Tommi, Jan – I worked hard too, down but not out, keep the spirits up!

Nick – I agree! We'll have some coherent marching orders as they develop (nice terminology BTW)

Nac – Thanks and thank you for fighting this thing too, I don't know why a lot of the 'Big-boys' weren't on board? Doesn't speak well for the right wing blog network!

Andrew, blackandgold – Yes, Yes, Yes! Let's stay focused and organized to #1 defeat this thing in the Senate, #2 Defeat those sob's that voted in the house for it. Great post too Andrew, I read it earlier!

Shark – I agree, better to know your enemy than to have them in your midst

The Vegas Art Guy said…

I tried more than once yesterday to call my rep but the line was always busy.

Left Coast Rebel said…

artguy – thanks for reading! I heard the same from many others…

Andrew33 said…

Left Coast Rebel, I figured you already had read my post, but many of your readers here don't frequent our blog so it was more for them. The best way of getting ideas into the great arena of thought is to put them where the most people will see them and here is one of those places. Who gets credit for them doesn't matter as long as the ideas get out there and spread. (This is what I am doing as I am doing paint and body work on my "toy" Honda and now I am waiting for primer to dry so next I can paint)

Andrew33 said…

Also why I am waiting for primer to dry, I like Ron Paul too. What endears him to me most are 2 things 1. his consistency on issues and 2. he will take the time to talk to anyone who requests it, whether it is a homeless man with nothing, or the richest most powerful politician on the world. There is alot our conceited politicians can learn from Ron Paul's humility.

cube said…

Any republican rep. that voted for this monstrous bill needs to find another job. We must see to that.

Ramblings From a Young American said…
This post has been removed by the author.
Ramblings From a Young American said…

If I wanted my money to be spent on regulating an industry that does nothing more then power my home, build my cars and produce the fiber optic cable I am utilizing now; I would go down to the nearest gun store, buy myself a few automatics and blow apart every single one of aforementioned company’s executives.

Now that would be regulation.

Since neither me, nor you nor the state of California has done anything of the sort. What else can tell Washington that (gasp!) we may actually enjoy these creature comforts and that any action against our system is so inherently at odds with what we actually need, what we want and what we strive for – frustration cannot begin to describe it?

Mary Bono Mack, this is to you.

I enjoy the Freedom to Choose, not the freedom to choose two products in which the government helped raise the price of one but lowered the price of another. I enjoy the Freedom to Choose products created without intervention by a system that respects the inherent value of a object; not its inherent political capital. While the ability to put the wider morality of honest value upon an object far exceeds the ability of the Beltway – is not excuse for anyone to humble themselves to this hostage taking. For to be taken by this act of indecency is to be taken by one institution that neither cares, nor wants to care, for the true feelings of the country it supposedly represents.

This isn't some flash in the pan cynicism or resentment, I'm not declaring ‘cap and trade’ broke the system or made it more morally, financially and mentally broke. One bill does not create a broken system. What I am saying is that for a bill like this to not only be laughed out of the halls of power but actively promotes requires thinking that is a broken system and has created a broken system in our country. The thought that the America populace enjoys less liberty, in exchange for a little security is astoundingly, translucently, shallow. It is a bill made for one group, by one group to help one group – the one group being a eco-fanatic lobby and power hungry politicians.

This isn't about the environment, it never has been – if the government was concerned about the environment, it'd be the greenest most energy efficient enterprise in the whole world. Considering it hemorrhages megawatts like it hemorrhages billion dollar notes I can only summarize that this is nothing else then, succinctly, more control.

The politics of pull is now, the politics of value is over. The belief that American industry is anything more then the best means to improve the most amount of people's lives, at the least amount of expense is over. It has been over but too many people have not noticed the heart has ceased beating, the brain is only sending out random static instead of orders. Industry is now about enriching the top few elite, who control all the rules and all the money, at the expense of the people foolish enough to believe that when they create something – it is their's. This bill is more then about some sort of concern for cheap energy, if such a thing exists, it is a bill that should be the concern of cheap liberty. Do we honestly expect that these government appointed allotments of carbon are somehow going to be used fairly?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

That’s me laughing darkly, by the way.

The people who made up these laws and who will apply them are me, they are you and they are all of us. They are no greater or weaker then the greatest or weakest among us. Yet we are content to throw ourselves at their feet in a orgy of self-sacrificing. Blatantly paving the road, on that is easy and smooth and inoffensive, down to hell? Good intentions never meant anything – it means nothing today and since the only single redeeming quality in this bill is good intention – I will always be against it.

FitToSeeJane said…

I voted for Reichart out here in WA state and I'm so upset he helped pass this thing. I am going to be very vocal against him next time he runs…but why wait. I'll find some way to involve his name on my poster at the next rally. I can't contribute a lot of $ to political campaigns, but I say we start sending a little to those from other states who are actually trying to save the constitution!!!

Left Coast Rebel said…

Cube – thank you!

YoungAmerican – God bless you man, this is going up tomorrow on the blog, you are 1,000,000% correct on every single point, you are awesome

Jane – Sounds like a plan, tell me how I can help

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