I am Barack Obama – Charisse Carney-Nunes

by the Left Coast Rebel

Moving quickly from the last story, I am doing some digging on this Charisse Carney-Nunes author and her Obama book. First stop, the website for the book itself. Upon entering the site you are greeted with the following message, I emphasize bold –

I Am Barack Obama is not a book about Barack Obama. Rather, it allows children to see themselves through the inspirational story of President Obama growing up as an ordinary child asking, “Who will change the world?” Ultimately, he realizes that he will. I Am Barack Obama highlights for children their personal power to change the world. In the back matter, children share stories of the ppossibilities for their lives, as they aspire to the greatness they see in Barack. I Am Barack Obama is also the first children’s digibook available interactively along with it’s companion print edition.

Interesting to note as well, the Youtube link for Digibooks that assumingly shows more of the book has been removed by user. Someone is covering their tracks here…..

I found here as well that Charisse Carney-Nunes is part of the Jamestown Project, Senior VP of Programs to be precise. Here is the Jamestown mission statement –

“retelling the American narrative, democracy, citizenship and stewardship, criminal justice, family values, morality and our culture, religion, race, equality, economic and social justice, health and health care, and militarism.”

And add to that Dear Leader worship, child indoctrination.

If you can watch this, all I have to say is…….WTF………Age range, from elementary on…….leftism is a religion folks, plain and simple.


  1. @ LCR – Actually, since I'm back in school and focusing in business strategy at the moment the Obama merchandise is a great way to make money. I can't get angry at capitalism at work.

    I love that you've got the scoop on why the school kids were singing. I've been wondering and didn't want to judge until I knew why.
  2. This is troubling. The Left continues to cross the political lines in a way that the Right would never imagine was possible.
  3. @ C-gen – Follow the money my friend, fill me in on your business endeavours!

    @ Nickie – Indeed, I guess we shouldn't be surprised, being that he was built up to this Messianic figure.

    @ Rightguy – Me neither.
  4. RE: jamestown Project: Revisionism. Not happy with the results, the want to retell the story in order to get the results they want. Standard marxism, which is to destroy all norms and accepted truths and substitute it's own. Change a country's national memory and you define the future.
  5. My buddy RightKlik has a fairly detailed post on this which may give you more information 😉

  6. Excellent homework LCR! Did you notice in the video that when Charisse was naming those issues from her Jamestown Project book that the first three mirrored Obama's agenda. Health care, environment and education? They were also in the same order he is pursuing them?
  7. I do wonder if this school has left it's self open for a lawsuit?
  8. We need to stop whining and STOP these people…our kids are learning to HATE THEIR COUNTRY and LOVE this guy instead! ADrienne's right..RightKlik's post ROCKED and so I dovetailed that and, on my blog, wrote a little speech I thought Obama should give about indoctrinating kids …. think he'll ever make it? 🙂
  9. It's pretty disgusting that a writer would use children in this way to sell and promote her book. And the school bought it–hook, line, and sinker. It's not a harmless children's book. It pure propoganda.
  10. @ Rightguy – I hadn't even heard of Jamestown, just shows that statism is on such an insane march that one can't even stay ahead of everything that is happening.

    @ Adrienne – I read that, RK is on a roll, his content keeps getting better and better.

    @ Clifton – I did notice that, birds of a feather as they say.

    @ Keyboard – It most certainly has I'm sure.

    @ Z – We better make it, our whining though is the only outlet to stop this stuff, the press sure as heck is ignoring everything….

    @ Writer X – It is disgusting, perhaps the most disturbing thing I have seen.
  11. Gosh, this is so much like Nazi Germany pre-WW II. I'm watching "Dark Fellowships: The Vril" on the ID Channel (DirecTV). You've got to see this if you haven't already. Scary, man, really scary. And prophetic. History is repeating itself only it's in America.
  12. Somehow, those of us independently investigating all of this need to bring our info together!

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