HR 3962 Saturday Vote: Activist Action Alert

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Tax Policy Director for ATR just emailed me this list. Here is what you need to do:

1. Call the switchboard @ 202-224-3121

2. Ask to be directed to your Member of Congress (look this up first if you don’t know).

3. The receptionist who picks up the phone is your point of contact. Don’t expect to speak to anyone else. This person is keeping a tally at the front desk of phone calls by issue. The goal of the caller is to be a checkmark in the “vote no” column.

4. Politely identify yourself as a constituent of the Congressman, and say you wanted to urge him to vote “no” on H.R. 3962, the House Democrat health bill.

5. The receptionist may either say, “thank you, I’ll pass that along, have a nice day” (in which case you are done), or may ask for contact info to send a letter to you. If they do, please give your info. It validates that you are, indeed, a real live constituent.

This is one of the single most important metrics Members will be watching on the run-up to Saturday. They assume that one call equals ten other people who didn’t call.

1000 “vote no” calls translates in their mind into 10,000 constituents who want them to vote no.

Call, get your wife to call, get your brother to call. 3 people equals 30.

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Bungalow Bill said…

Good plan. Way to spell it out.

Eman said…

My house has read and done as you have asked. Thank you for making this simple. My ten year old was able to do this on his own because of the way it was presented by you. We march with you and for The America we grew up in. Thank you.

In Christ,
Eric Graff

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ BB – Thanks for doing your part too.

@ Eman – I appreciate that you did that as well, as the list says, 3 people = 30 to the reps offices. Thank you for doing your civic duty to save our liberties.

AuntPittypat said…

Just found your blog – great work!

My Congress Critter is a Republican and firmly against any of this nonsense; however, I used your list from the other post and just emailed all bluedogs as follows:

Dear Congressional Member,

Remember what representative means? As I recall, it means one who represents the will of the voters/constituents and NOT the bullwhipping will of the Speaker of the House or Rahm Emanuel.

Please do not allow this WORSE bill presented by Mrs. Pelosi to pass. Is this a JOKE? The last bill was BAD and here is one that is WORSE? Please vote NO. NO CLOTURE! NO Government Takeover!

No one is buying the compromise abortion amendment that bypasses Bart Stupak's proposed amendment.

No one is buying the hidden taxes in this bill that do not index to inflation and will raise taxes on dividends (yes, dividends from your client's 401K statements) from 15% to over 40% in 2011 (from WSJ today). We are not buying your assertions that this bill is deficit neutral. Our country is burning while the Capitol Hill and White House gangs fiddle.

It's time to stop this nonsense and start a sensible step by step approach to reform the healthcare system while respecting the rule of "do no harm".

I assure you, all who vote for or abstain from voting against this bill will be remembered well into 2010 and beyond. It will be your political undoing.

Don't I live in your district? That's OK. I can still donate to your opponent. AND I'm a blogger. A political blogger. My blog is ranked around #250 for U S Political blogs by Technorati. I will remember you.

Thank you for listening,


By the way, you need to add Frank Kratovil from MD-1 to that list. 🙂

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