Homophobic, Racist, Violent Leftists Attack Harry Weisiger 2 Weeks After Losing Wife to Cancer

by the Left Coast Rebel

The leftist nutroots jumped the gun on the road rage/Obama bumper sticker incident yesterday. With scant evidence in sight, they pinned Harry Weisiger’s motive for road rage bumper car incident on Obama hatred. They even tried to drag the Tea Party into all of it. The leftist blogosphere and accomplice-press should be ashamed.The evidence on Harry Weisiger’s Obama hatred/intent is an inch deep and a mile long and a police report still hasn’t surfaced.

Even more pathetic and indefensible is that leftists in the nutroots gleefully attacked a man that lost his wife to cancer only two weeks ago. Perhaps that is why they are attacking him so and even distributing his address and phone number.

Where is your shame, liberals? Answer – until proven otherwise – it is nonexistent. Anything fits into the left’s twisted worldview, even using Harry Weisiger in a quest to fit their distorted anti-Tea Party meme. Based on the violent rhetoric noted in the comment section here at the Left Coast Rebel, perhaps leftists are showing their eliminationist intent. Perhaps they didn’t even care that Harry Weisiger just lost his wife to cancer. This story has everything to do with a grieving and troubled man and likely nothing to do with Obama-hate.

Weisiger, Judy obituary

Obituaries Judy Waters Weisiger
(October 26, 1943 – February 21, 2010)

A beautiful, uplifting person: those words represent the life and character of Judy Waters Weisiger, who peacefully passed away at home on February 21, 2010. Although brain cancer proved too much for her body, it never did rob her of the spirit so many came to love.

An avid reader; unbelievable cook; beach lover; best friend to many; and well-loved grandmother, Judy was a woman who enjoyed her life and shared her talents with those around her. She was never to be found without a generous, sincere smile, even in her last hours. Judy’s sense of humor remained fully intact throughout her prolonged illness, much to the delight of those who knew her.

Judy was born on October 26, 1943 in Old Hickory, TN. She was preceded in death by her parents, Wilmer and Georgia Sanders of Hendersonville, TN. Judy attended Dupont High School. She enjoyed a very successful career as a manager of Fidelity Federal’s Belle Meade branch and as a mortgage loan originator with US Bank, the company from which she retired.

Judy is survived by her spouse of sixteen years, Harry K. Weisiger; sons John K. (Polly) Weisiger; Will P. Weisiger; Matt W. (Tina) Weisiger; daughter, Mandy W. (Gregg) Cordaro; sister, Delores (Dee-Dee) S. (Ralph) Gragg; six grandchildren, Nick and Caroline Cordaro, Maya and Holden Weisiger, Gracie and Mattie Weisiger.

There is obviously a lot more to this story than the vile leftists would have you believe. Do leftists really think that a man that just lost his wife would be consumed with Obama hatred? Pinning Harry Weisiger’s motive on hatred of Obama though is a ridiculous move by the liberal nutroots. Leftists are just showing how desperate they are and the loony ambulance-chasing, ‘pin the tail on the donkey/Tea Party‘ is going nowhere fast.

UPDATED: A reader in Tennessee that claims to be a police officer wrote this to LCR:

John L said…

Being in Nashville and having lived here most of my life, this isn’t surprising. Not the road rage part, the moron seeking media attn for it. This guy has been on every news channel giving interviews and is already talking about how it is a hate crime.
I couldn’t care less what the friend says. I’ve seen the traffic report (yes I am an officer) and what REALLY happened was Duren sitting at a stop sign chatting with his daughter and pissing the ppl behind him off. yes, it was wrong to ram the guy. Yes, the driver needs to go to jail. But I’m sure regardless of the facts, it will be turned into a “Tea Partier goes crazy” story.

UPDATED x2: Keith Wallace of Tennessee contacted the Left Coast Rebel:

As I hope you are an organization that wants to print the truth I offer the following. Harry Weisiger has been charged in Davidson County, Tennessee with a DUI (Implied Consent). The police report indicates that he had eyes that were “bloodshot and watery, his movements were slow and deliberate, he slurred his speech when speaking.” He had a pack of breath mints in hand when the officer approached the vehicle. He was also charged with two counts of reckless endangerment. This portion of the police report says that he “blew his horn at Duren to get his attention, began to point to an Obama/Biden bumper sticker, then began to stick up the middle finger of both of his hands to Duren.” “When Duren left the stop sign, Weisiger rushed up to him and began to bump his vehicle into Duren’s Camry. Weisiger then used his Vehicle to push Duren’s Camry into a driveway….Duren’s ten year old daughter was in the back seat at the time.” Weisiger was also charged with Leaving the Scene of an accident as after he pushed him off the road, he went to a supermarket where the police approached him. He refused field sobriety and did not want to take a breathalyzer test. The Tennessean newspaper is reporting this as a “road rage” incident and link it to the Obama/Biden sticker.

Now, I personally know Harry Weisiger. From what I know of him, he seems like a nice guy. I think that he is just going through a rough time with his wife passing. However, your website article about this incident is just as irresponsible as the people you are railing against. You are ignoring that he endangered these people and playing up the part about his wife passing away. It is this sort of distortion by both right and left that creates cynicism in intelligent people and violence in the unintelligent.

Keith Wallace

Left Coast Rebel responded:

I respectfully disagree, Keith. What I am doing here is pointing to the fact that the left in this country has defamed your friend, Harry Weisiger to further the anti-Tea Party fervor. I agree with you that he will need to be held accountable for his actions and that they are no laughing matter. I am more disgusted, however, by the leftwing press trying to spin this story for a politcal purpose. The Tennessean paper that you refer to played this ridiculous ‘anti Obama’ meme as well.


  1. One could speculate that if the person sitting at the stop sign had been a McCain/Palin supporter with a corresponding bumper sticker, the left would have trotted this poor man out as an example of why the H. care bill is so needed. " If she had had the care our country so needs, she may have lived…"

  2. i think the driver is making stuff up. how can you tell someone is pointing at your bumper sticker if you are watching him through your rear view mirror??

    also, i think the guy ticked off the driver behind him for driving while dork, and he slammed on his breaks because harry was tailing him, which caused the accident.

    i think i said earlier that the guy is probably distraught because of the loss of his wife, and perhaps drinking. until i hear more, i am not buying the bumper sticker story.

  3. i heard harry was all hopped up on twinkies.


  4. You lads down in America are examples of how badly poltics can get when people are more obsessed with thier little blogs and flame wars rather then simply talking to each other face to face.
    Go find a liberal, such as they are in America, and go have a cup of coffee.

  5. LOL its like dungeons and dragons in real life… isnt it fun to play games… totally wierd, just point to made up things and spout shit… we're all doomed if this blog is mainstream thinking


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