Hillary Clinton – Foot in Mouth

Hillary Clinton, the new Secretary of State for those who didn’t know today had this brilliant and profound inisight on the escalating violence in Mexico during a trip to the area today. She went straight to the point and said that which all leftist and moveon.orgists robotically incant – everything in the world, everywhere, is always America’s fault. Grovel, whine, sob, sob we’ve heard it all a thousand times. Hillary – “Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade.” “Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the deaths of police officers, soldiers and civilians.” And she went on -“I feel very strongly we have a co-responsibility.” Of course you do Ms. Clinton. Of course the good people of the United States are half-responsible for narco-terrorism, beheadings, mutilations, rapes and chaos. Of course we are culpable and responsible. Of course we are.


Nick said…

I have an alternate theory of how Hillary’s conversation went behind closed doors. It might just be the [small] conspiracy theory part of me, but I couldn’t help thinking the conversation went something like:

Hillary: Hi. We know you have a problem with drug cartels, and we’re prepared to help you with people, equipment, and intelligence. In exchange, you’re going to say that a very important issue is guns coming in from America.
Mexico: But that’s disingenuous bordering on outright falsehood: we don’t know that they get their guns from America, and even if they did, it’s a well known fact that bad guys find a way to get guns, whether they are in Mexica, Africa, the US, or elsewhere. Even if we halted all guns coming from America, that would do nothing to help our problem; there are people called “arms dealers”, perhaps you’ve heard of them? Why would we say something that preposterous?
Hillary: Because you want our help, and you stating that, no matter how idiotic it sounds to you and anyone with more than a couple brain cells to rub together, furthers our agenda back home. It’s called “quid-pro-quo”: that’s a new term I learned, which means how I get my way when my shrill screeching doesn’t work. Apparently in foreign affairs theirs no “agreement reconciliation” process, where we can take whatever bi-lateral agreement we may come to into a back room, rewrite it to whatever we want, and then have it go into effect: we have that back home for our legislative and budgets processes, but apparently not for foreign affairs. So, I need to give you assistance in order to get you to promote our agenda; do we have a deal?
Mexico: *grumble* I guess looking like a moron is better than getting executed by some drug kingpin…

That’s my take, anyway.

Tim Daniel said…

Well said Nick, thanks for dropping by. Do you think that Hillary learned the negotiating skills from Bill? Or vice-versa? We will probably never know…..

Nick said…

Let’s hope she didn’t learn from Bill, or pretty soon we’ll be talking about giving Alaska to North Korea to prevent them from launching a long-range missile, which they will then launch anyway after taking Alaska, prompting Hillary to go to the UN to object in the strongest possible terms.

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