Hear me out on this conspiracy theory

By Dean L

File this one under paranoid conspiracy theories if you must.  BUT

John Kasich is staying in the race for the Republican nomination for president despite the fact that he he needs to win more than 100% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination. Why stay in the race?  The nominal explanation is that he’s there to deny Trump the nomination.  I am starting to believe* it is for an entirely different reason.

Hear me out.
  1.  The GOP establishment dislike Ted Cruz more than they do Donald Trump
  2.  Kasich is an establishment darling (more so now that Rubio is out)
  3.  Trump is a dealmaker.  
Given those facts, is it not possible Kasich is in the race to in fact  ENSURE Trump wins the nomination and Cruz doesn’t mount a successful comeback?

The Establishment may have managed to make a deal with Trump already. In doing so, they may have played the ultimate trick on grassroots conservatives.  Instead of Trump being a Manchurian Candidate for Democrats (sent to assassinate the GOP presidential prospects, and ensure a Clinton victory), he might be a Manchurian Candidate for the GOP establishment.

Perhaps Trump all along has been a clever ploy by the GOP establishment have selected a candidate that they think can win the nomination in the face of grassroots antipathy towards them. Winning or losing in November doesn’t even matter to them  – this could be about wresting control back from the Tea Party wing of the conservative movement.

Addendum:  By Establishment GOP types railing so forcefully against Trump, they are galvanizing voters for him rather than changing opinions on him.   Surely they recognize that.

Second Addendum*:  Every time I throw up a conspiracy theory, it does not mean I believe it to be true.  I am posing this one as a possibility, not as fact.  There are plenty of reasons to believe this is not the case.  My level of suspicion of politicians and political motivations makes me not see everything at face value.  However I possess no special insight into true motivations of any politician or political group, especially when it comes to secret motivations and conspiracies.  That’s my way of saying I’m suspicious not a crazy lunatic.


  1. Doesn't have to be a conspiracy. Kasich always figured he could take Ohio, no matter how badly he did in all the other states, which would give him a shot at being a power broker. I don't think he cares who's at the top of the ticket so long as there's something in it for him.

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