Harry Reid’s ‘Racist’ Statement: Political Correctness Witchunts Don’t Serve the GOP Well

by the Left Coast Rebel

I hate to revisit this Harry Reid racist thing again but I have to and this is the last time. I can understand the GOP 5 yard line pileup concerning Harry Reid’s ‘Negro’ comment and such but underneath the temptation for political gain I just feel something in my gut that tells me that it is wrong. Trust me, I think that Harry Reid is guilty of utter contempt, (in that he is a rabid statist and is intent on paving the way for the collapse of our country).

It’s just that I want to defeat people like Reid because they are evil and because they are wrong. Because they want a vision of this country that is the antithesis of what this country (should) stand for. Not because he said ‘negro’ behind closed doors. It disgusts me to see the head of the RNC, (Steele), calling for Reid’s head. It disgusts me because Steele can only use the race card to take down his opponent, not the strength of conservatism or bringing to light just how radical and ridiculous the Democratic party has become.

If anything Michael Steele needs to go for he is a terrible spokesman for conservatism and that is what really matters.

Stogie at Saberpoint inspired this thought pattern in me and confirmed that which my gut had been telling me. He quotes Jacob Laskin in Frontpage Magazine:

Steele is of course right about this double standard. But the chairman does nothing to restore integrity to the political debate by validating the political left’s pernicious smear that any and all comments about race, however innocuous, must be treated as an act of racism, with their author forced to prostrate himself before various racial lobbies or risk banishment from polite society.

Exaggerated sensitivity on racial matters will win the GOP no credit from multicultural censors. It will merely perpetuate the depressing cycle that sees intelligent debate silenced for unintelligent reasons and ensure that the racism charge is deployed again in future – likely against Republicans.

Today John Ensign as well is calling for this charade to end and although I think that he lost the opportunity to point to the fact that the GOP needs to go after the agenda and character of the Democratic party, not some PC scapegoat gotcha contest:

Ensign suggested that Republicans are being hypocritical for calling on Reid to resign his post as Senate Majority Leader.

“Democrats were really wrong in what they did to Trent Lott, and we shouldn’t do the same thing to Sen. Reid,” Ensign said.

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Spinsterpov said…

They hypocrisy is what bothers me. A politician who supports family values is caught cheating on their spouse and we are outraged. We don't say, well he has voted on the side on family values so his record shows that he really supports them even though he made this mistake in his personal life. We call out the hypocrisy. But the same logic does not apply to other types of hypocrisy. It's the hypocrisy in the treatment of hypocrisy, that it depends on who it is being hypocritical that rubs my ass raw.

Adrienne said…

Yep! I let Saberpoint do my speaking for me because I agreed (and it saved me a bunch of time)

From the get-go I thought this whole brouhaha was ridiculous. What Reid said (IMHO) was nothing more than the truth. I'm tired of people whining and being "offended" all the time.

Feel free to call me Wop or Dago whenever it suits you. I could care less…

Rational Nation USA said…

There are few conservatives, Ron Paul being one, that can effectively take the fight to a rational, philosophical, and practical level and make the case for conservatism. Most of the rest of then are, … well, … not conservatives anyway. They just talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Right-Wing Libertarian said…

Speaking personally, I "gave" Michael Steele a chance … I really did. I thought, "Hey, if this guy can combine the momentum of the conservative movement with the republicans now in office or aspiring, we can have a shot at straightening this country out." I turned out to be wrong. The divisiveness Steel just helped to create, took us (conservatives) in the wrong direction. If this got Lott in trouble, it oughtta apply equally to Reid, purly and simply. Steele hadta open his mouth and we all took it on the chin as a result.

Hey, who is David Plouff?

Chuck said…

I have to disagree to an extent. I do think it is political one-upsmanship that can look petty if pushed too far. I think your right in that the GOP needs to get their act together and find better things to fight about. I don't think though that it is an either/or situation.

There is an incredible double standard here and the right needs to call him, the media, and the rest of the left on it. Part of the GOP's problem is that it sits on it's hands and does not fight enough of these battles. In doing this, they let themselves be defined. Do a little work defining the left for a change.

TWC said…

Look, it is safe to assume that Reid believes a conservative would NEVER vote for a black candidate.

If the above is true, Reid was clearly thinking of the voters on the left when he said Obama looked and sounded white enough to get elected. Reid thought Obama would only get enough support from the left if they felt he wasn't REALLY a black candidate.

This is where the GOP is missing the point. What Reid said tells us what the left thinks of themselves – they are bigots and they know it. And apparently, they aren't afraid to say it amongst themselves.


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