Government misdirection card trick

By Dean L

The more parts of the economy and society the government controls, the more venues it has to push its own agenda, whatever that might be:
(Daily Caller) Americans trust their doctors, so the White House wants these medical professionals to be a mouthpiece for President Obama’s global warming agenda.

“We also need doctors, nurses and citizens, like all of you”President Obama said in a taped speech presented to medical professionals gathered at the White House, “to get to work to raise awareness and organize folks for real change.”

The Obama administration has been hard at work trying to draw a link between global warming and public health issues. The summit included the U.S. Surgeon General, top administration officials, and public health experts from around the country telling doctors, nurses and other conference goers how to talk about global warming with their patients.

The central message: doctors should warn their patients that global warming could make their health worse.
I assure you, that agenda will be about holding onto power, keeping you dependent and maintaining that agenda at all costs.  Why?  Because they want to retain control of both the power they have to decide their fate, your fate and my fate, and also they want to retain control of the money – making yours and mine theirs. Property protection is part of human nature – ironically even for socialists, who view the power to decide as their property and within their exclusive purview.  They’ll use the agenda to blind you to that fact, keeping you busy arguing about global warming or worrying about it.  It doesn’t matter.

It’s a classic “look over here” card trick they are playing on the public. By the looks of it, they are getting away with it.  The solution is simple – do not willingly hand over control of anything to the government.  Unlike businesses, they are the rule makers.  If the one making the rules is playing the game as well, it’s a certainty that they are going to win, making the rest of us, losers.


  1. The Left has long been trying to inject gun control as a "public health" issue. Why not equally bogus claims for global warming?

  2. …and gay marriage and abortion and immigration and minimum wage laws and anything else they want.

    The thing is, they are taking control of more and more of the economy and figuring out ways to use their new control to cement that sphere as a medium for promoting their objectives. They control the medium and the message, and influence public opinion incessantly until they get their way. It's become a permanent feedback loop.

    On the right, we have done no such thing with a similar level of effectiveness.

    1. Misdirection is the word. Things are going to hell in a handbasket and "Ooh, look! A Confederate flag!!

  3. Consider the end game of the left is always to eliminate those who disagree with you. It makes understanding their plots and schemes very simple.

    Breaking their opponents into groups that battle each other, allows them to pick targets while placing blame on another group.

    For example, Gay marriage, attack majority christians but the focus is on the gay community, not progressives. Hope Christians fight back and force the gay community to side with progressives and stay in line. If Christians "turn the other cheek", celebrate a win in that the U.S. Constitution has been ruled by the Supreme Court as irrelevant….future power grabs will be easier.

    We are simply being out maneuvered by a brutal, highly evil opponent. Conservatives and libertarians cannot think as brutally as progressives, and thus cannot defend themselves.

    Consider the recent Global Warming study that said killing 2 billion people wouldn't be enough to stop Global Warming. At least that conclusion is true. If all human beings died, it wouldn't affect our path around the Sun, the Sun's output or volcanic activity. However, I am sure progressives interpreted the study as "2 billion isn't enough, go bigger."

    (Referenced study published in journal Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences.)

    1. "eliminate those who disagree with you" To a degree. Both Hillary & Obama have been on both sides of the gay marriage issue, so you must have agreed with them at one point in time. Both Bill Clinton and Al Gore were pro-life until they sought a place in Democrat national politics.

      They don't try to eliminate with you because you disagree, because what they believe on any given day is malleable. They want to eliminate you because you stand between them and the acquisition and expansion of power.

    2. I'm just spit-balling here, but…

      I think Charles' point can be clarified with a slight tweak – "eliminate opposing points of view" rather than actually eliminating people. But the goal I think is still about power and control. I tend to think of it a concentric circles of power. At the center are those concerned only with power. Their progressivism may have driven them before, now it's about getting and keeping power.

      They use those with slightly less power in the next rings to keep themselves in the center – union bosses, civil rights leaders, global warming activists, etc. People in those rings are motivated by both power and by ideology.

      They do the same with those further out, motivated by ideology primarily, who in turn try to influence the outermost ring, the uninformed and gullible. There's a spectrum of motivation on the left – from power through pure ideology to those being dragged along blindly.

      Of course the ideology itself is malleable because as we drift left, it can move further left still. As it always does. Power and ideology in this case have a symbiotic relationship. The outer rings of progressive adherents get their presumed ideological desires or grievances addressed in exchange for feeding the power of those with more power already. Those in power retain power by feeding that ideological desire of others. But they are not just feeding it, they are shaping that desire; they control the message, and therefore the allegiance of their voting blocks.

      Then again, that was just me in stream of conscious mode, trying to find merit in both points.

    3. My last point notwithstanding, the fact is we continue to be outmaneuvered and continue to fight a losing battle. Charles "Breaking their opponents into groups that battle each other, allows them to pick targets while placing blame on another group. " is exactly right. It's Alinsky 101.

      On the right we are myopic. We focus on the merit of each individual argument, where we most often have facts and reason on our side. Yet we do not see the big picture. The country continues leftward apace, and we wonder why.


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