Glenn Beck – Marxism, Robert McChesney, Free Press

by the Left Coast Rebel

Beck, connecting the dots between FCC Diverstity Czar Mark Lloyd, the “Free Press” organization’s Robert McChesney. Van Jones, the radical marxist agenda inherent among other things. Watch it for yourself –


Andrew33 said…

This is exactly the scenario I was warning about in "wargaming" a few months ago. I believe we should prepare to be able to disseminate news and discussions by other means for the time when Obama shuts us down. We are a threat to him and those who want to keep their power and they are aware of us now. I only recently discovered how aware of us they are. I have experienced periods of total media blackouts after hurricanes and that is a scenario you do not want to be unprepared for.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said…

We watched this on GB too. Hmmmm … after reading Andrew33's comment, maybe I should go ahead and invest in the all house generator. You know, "just in case". We are in a somewhat hurricane prone zone.

Mr. Hernandez said…

It gets worse. Do a search on these two guys ( Bill Drayton and Lawrence Lessig ) who are also connected to Free Press / Robert McChensey…

Bill Drayton is one of these individuals into Social Change as well.

Lawerence is also an Obama advocate who has some close ties as he is Obama's Tech Advisor who, "Introduces Video of Gay, Singing Jesus Who Gets Hit by a Bus"


It also seems that Drayton and Gates ( MS ) are close as well.

Out freedom of speech is under attack every day and if these individual have their way, we will no longer be able to speak freely.

It is time that all of us, left or right, who cares about our freedom of speech, come together and tackle these thugs head on. We need to alert the public by getting the word about what is at stake if these men get their way. We need to stop from allowing these few individual to silence the many so we can still have our good old fashion American debate.

Anyone that supports any of these individuals who wish to take our freedoms away does not understand what freedom is, nor do they deserve them.

We need to start speaking louder and let our voices be heard.

They may try to silence us, but they cannot silence our spirits. With all the writers among us, there is no reason we cannot create our own media ( left and right together ) that is not financed by special interest or backed by corruption. A media outlet that will report on events by holding fast to the facts and not skewing based on ones opinions or agendas. If we go back to our journalist roots, then my friends, we can win back what they are trying to steal; the right to free speech for EVERYONE – not just the elite!

Mr. H

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