Georgia Restaurant Sign – Calling Racism Out, Cheapened Debate

by the Left Coast Rebel

With my blog still running on the fumes of the mega-blockbuster Nobel story of yesterday, I went on assignment for something to write about this morning, something unrelated. Stacy McCain and Another Black Conservative were privy of a story via. Memeorandum that caught my eye. Apparently a restaurant owner in Georgia saw it fit to display the following sign in protest of his disgust of Obamcare

Obviously you can tell what it says, a reference to Obama using a disgusting racial slur. For myself, this brings up several points:

  • True, honest-to-God racism must always be called out, it is nothing more than a disgusting form of collectivism. And you know how much I hate collectivism.
  • The constant drum beat and charge of raaaaacism from the left in the US is actually the most destructive thing possible for those that want a ‘colorblind’ society; as it dumbs-down debate and blurs delineation. The equivalent goes like this. I am against HR 3200Raaaaacist! I don’t agree with the agenda of Obama, I’m concerned with our country’s futureRaaacist Tea Bagger! I believe that we should return this country to it’s Founding conceptsRaaaaacist, Homophobic, Gun-toting, KKK member!
  • And what does this do to debate in this country when the above is used? I find the folks that beat this drum to be of incredible moral disrepute. It is the final deathly screech of a dying ideology without a moral basis. More on that later.

It’s interesting for me to talk about this topic. Even on Friday, after I transcribed the Obamanation Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, I had trolls on my site declaring me a raaaaacist. Funny thing is, the post didn’t really even mention Obama’s policies much…..

In other words, the trolls, (probably from Plouffe), didn’t read my piece and went straight to the commentary to try to stifle debate here, thereby pulling the race card.

It won’t work with me, thick skin and all.

Recently as well, blogger-buddy Cliff hooked me up with Technorati. Basically the service gives you a window into those who link you, all in one format. It’s very cool. Anyway because of this service, I have become privy to some very nasty things said about me and my site. The price of admission forsuccess, I suppose.

One guy in particular, (and I won’t list his pathetic site for fear of sending traffic to him), put up a post aimed at me. He called me a f@$@wit, put labels on his post pertaining to ‘unamerican activities’, ‘telebision‘, ‘hatin‘, etc. Amazingly raaaaacism didn’t make the list but this type of character points to, proves my assertion of the morally vacuous-ness of the left.

Pointing to his character and intent from his blogroll, these are all names of rabid-lefty blogs, mind you, can you imagine the filth? –

Anonymous Arabist;

Undeniable Liberalism;

Kill Yourself, Glenn Beck;

F$#@ The Troops;

F#@# Christmas;

F#*@ the South

So you get the point, don’t you?


  1. Well now the libs have the perfect story for their propaganda mills. Just dandy.

    Linked you.

  2. We are linking to and starting a Write In Campaign to nominate Barack Obama to win the Heisman Trophy.

  3. LCR, you haven't arrived unless you've been slimed by some leftard assmunch. The more they hate you, the better the job you're doing! Rejoice in their anger and pain! I know I do.

  4. @ RK – Indeed they do, if not this something else, guilt by association.

    @ Commoncents – That is cool, I'll check that out!

    @ Stogie – I am crowned! I am rejoicing, it's great to see for myself just a smidgeon of what the Beck's of the world deal with. We are in a battle.

  5. They use exactly the same tactics on both sides of the Atlantic, LCR.

  6. I think the nut cases are really outing themselves right now. I've had one called "Namelss Cynic" calling me a bigot and a racist (those are the repeatable names) because I was outing the pervert "Czar" Kevin Jennings. NC thought the dude was just being nice to kids!! HUH!!?? Sicko. So, you're in good company. I find it rather amusing because such misguided hatred only hurts themselves. 🙂

  7. Wow, what a big vocabulary those liberals have…

  8. Youre link to racism and collectism is to the point of brilliance that I'm envious that I didn't make the connection first. As for racists calling me racist, I take it as a badge of honor for if true racists are hating me, I must be putting a thorn in their sides. As I tell my children when this happens, "Why should I care what a racist moron think? It would mean I care what stupid bigots want to make out of me. That doesn't just goes for the black and hispanic racists, but the white ones as well." My ex and I have difference of opinion of exposing our two kids (she won't let our daughter read "How to kill a mockingbird" because it's too horrible. Uh DUH!!! That's the point!), but if my kids don't know what racism really is, which they don't from the dilluted version given by the media and our political body, then how are they to fight against it or worse, not become a part of it?

  9. @ Spider – I know they do, it is the same disgusting, vitriolic bunch at work.

    @ Sparky – No way! The 'Cynic' pestered me here a bit too. Don't even waste your time on him.

    @ Hazza – Indeed, hate, vitriol, curses…..

    @ Madmath – I'm glad you noticed that. Great points too on teaching your children.

  10. All trolls who live in their parents' basements are the same: They offer no talking points; just empty rhetoric (which is why they voted for Mr. Empty Suit).

    Consider it an honor to be called a racist by these halfwits. It just means you're right.

  11. How quickly the forget that the Klan was run by Democrats, who ran the south, even being known as Dixicrats at one time.

    While this guy did choose his words poorly, I don't know if he is racist or not, and would not dare venture to guess what is in his mind or heart.

    But to claims that the Tea Party protesters, or anybody for that matter, are racist because we disagree with the president – who is only half black, is disingenuous and silly.

  12. This gives me an idea. Why don't we take a group of Black Panthers, a video cam and records what happen and title the video "How real bigots debate."


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