Freedom is in our DNA

by KOOK for Left Coast Rebel

This is a slightly edited reposting

Tyranny It really all comes down to who knows better.  It is the same story that most of you are familiar with as being told by Braveheart.  The Scots-Irish is the culture that more than any other begat the USA.   It goes way, way back to the time of the Romans several years before Christ’s birth, but really takes off not long after his death.  The Roman army conquered the south end of England but was never able to really take the north because there were crazy people up there who fought like madmen and painted themselves blue, they were called Picts.  They refused to bend a knee to a far away authority.  Their culture was based on family ties, personal honor, and leadership was only accepted after it had been earned.  Allegiance was to the most local level.  In AD 122 Hadrian began construction of a wall between the ‘civilized’ part of the island and the wild north. Kings tried again and again for literally hundreds of years to bring these ‘savages’ into line.  They map_ireland_england burned whole towns, slaughtered them in droves but never, eva, eva, won.  These people had freedom hard wired into their DNA.  The Scottish ‘nobles’ eventually were bought off and became ‘civilized’ to the British way of thinking, but still the people themselves never submitted.  They did not view allegiance the same way as the Brits. The British view was of wealth and property, poor people owed their allegiance to their rich ‘betters’.  Scotsmen knew in their hearts every man, prince or pauper, was free, and as stated before their allegiance was to their Kin, then their Clan, then their neighbor clan. They were not isolationists like the gypsies, did not have a class caste system like the rest of Europe, and they freely intermarried with other groups, who then became Scots.  This is what we think of as  a “grassroots” organization now. Their religious affiliation was Protestant and they were some of the first.  The Brits had always also had difficulty with the Irish, for differing but similar reasons.  They decided getting the Scots to move into Ireland would allow them to take both Ireland and Scotland in time.  Bad plan.  Many Scots moved to Ireland in the Ulster Plantation under a colonization plan dreamt up by the Brits.  Soon the Irish and the Scots were fighting each other…when they weren’t both killing the English.  The Irish and the Scots had similar views on Freedom, but differing views on Religion.  Then the first colonization of North America began.  Some Scots-Irish left Ulster to come to the “new world”  with puritans_71107 the Puritans thinking they too could have religious freedom, and to their way of thinking they were protestants just like the Puritans.  Not true.  The Puritans idea of religious freedom was that everyone should be ‘free’ to worship as the Puritans did (Everyone was entitled to their opinion, as long as it was the Puritan opinion).

appalachia6  Scots again refused to be assimilated, and were pushed further west into the Appalachian mountains, which was similar to throwing Brer Rabbit into the Briar Patch.  More Scots came and they stayed in the Mountains, moving South all the while. They intermarried and had lots and lots of little Scots-Irish babies (up to 40% higher birthrates than other immigrants at the time).  Ohio was opened for settlement and by this time the Native Americans or “Indians” were wise to this tide of white men and so began killing of the more gentrified of the English settlers…  The aristocracy in Britain thought they knew just the people to send over to make the Indians lives rough…the Scots.  They sent Scotsmen literally by the boatload to cheap land on the wild western frontiers as as a buffer between “Civilization”  and the “Indians”.  The Scots did as predicted and more.  The Scots kept coming, causing at least one wealthy landowner in England to lament (paraphrasing) “why are we letting them move if it is only so that they can have a better life, how does that profit us?” because he was losing too many tenants on his vast landholdings. The Scots kept pushing the Indians, and still managed to cause problems with their more ‘enlightened, wealthy, and civilized betters’  When the American Revolution began many in England saw it as nothing more than just one more Scottish rebellion, some called it exactly that.  The vast majority of the Scots stayed out of Militia_Shooting2 the fray until the English using their typical bullying tactics that had so enraged Scotsmen for eons, really went too far.  Then buckskin Scots came down out of the hills near Kings Mountain and destroyed an entire British Loyalist force 10 to 1.  Then they did it again at Cowpens, which the Brits never recovered from, ending in their defeat at Yorktown.  The Scots refused to bend a knee, and the USA was born. Down through the ages, the Scots-Irish CULTURE, meaning not only those people descended from the Scots, but also those who became culturally inseparable from the Scots,  have fought in more battles and done more to defend Freedom than any other group of people.  They have given us most of our  presidents (61%), many of our founding fathers were Scotsmen by birth or culture.


 Nasty Botoxi Night of Living Dead

   The battle is the same today in the 21st century. The Puritans, the Elite, Our Betters, the Democrats, the proponents of European Socialism believe they know better than us.  Us, of the Mountains of Appalachia, the Carolinas, descendents of the first settlers of Ky, TN, TX, AR, and the Missouri Ozarks and all points West.  Our ancestors were at the forefront of the frontier and settled the West because no one else was tough enough, crazy enough restless enough to do it.  They were always fighting and moving to try to keep their individual freedoms, to be LEFT ALONE.  Today we are called Hillbillies, Rednecks, Rubes, Hicks, Uneducated and Unenlightened.  We are the faceless ignorant electorate, “those People” in the “Flyover”.  What we really are is the Poor but Proud, the  Entrepreneurs, The self made men and women  who frickin run this country, just like our ancestors.

You. Are. Not. Our. Rulers.




  1. I'm a redneck in the true sense, Scotch- Irish,and Southern.

    The Scots came from a tradition of Presbyterianism which they held onto fiercely, as well as the highland clan mentality. The “Covenanters,” in 1639 and 1641, signed documents advocating Presbyterianism and refusing to accept the Church of England as the official Church of Scotland. Oftentimes the Covenanters signed in their own blood and wore red scarves around their necks, something for which they became known as “rednecks.” [I have read many similar account supporting this as the origin for our beloved miniker.]

    But my family goes back to before the American Revolution and I call myself an American first and Southern second.

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  3. I too am a son of the American revolution and a son of the south. Our ancestry is varied. I am not only scots-Irish but german cherokee and English Probably something else there too somewhere.

    I appreciate the added info of your comment. Hope you comment again.

  4. Yeah. I agree American first. That us what I wrote in as ethnicity in the stupid census as well.


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