FMJRA Linkfest – Nobel Prize Mock Edition

by the Left Coast Rebel

This weeks draws to the close another big week for my site here, the bombshell Nobel Peace Prize story, (that you are no-doubt tired of hearing about), took the cake. So I have enjoyed a peaceful and quiet weekend and want to give a shout out to some new readers and to those that have provided linky-love. A little Nobel Prize mockery is in order as well in the form of Obama-Peace Prizes for my top supporters…..

First off, Cliff over at Another Black Conservative proved that bloggo-bud-partnering is the spice ‘o life and success, again. Cliff gets kudos for tipping me on the Bill Ayers story, the preposterous Levi Johston story, and the ‘Bob Dole likes socialized medicine, can’t we all get along story’. Cliff is the best bloggo-bud anyone could ask for, I appreciate being able to bounce ideas off him throughout the day.

In honor, Another Black Conservative gets the –

Finding the Hottest Story of the Day and Sharing Peace Prize.

My second nod goes to The Other McCain. Stacy and Smitty went out of their way to give LCR massive props this week, in service of Rule #2 of How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog. The Left Coast Rebel now officially is listed at the boy’s site as one of the “Hot Blogs” on their left sidebar. I may sound a bit fanboy-ish here, but a nod from betters is always cause for celeb. May I live long and prosper to repay the honor in spades gentlemen. Happy b-day too, Stacy.

mu”a’vo’ mu’ be’nallI ‘IH

One of the most puzzling things this week as well was Stacy McCain’s absence during the Obama Nobel bonanza. I checked his site when the story first broke for either Stacy or Smitty’s snark-take.

6 am, *****crickets chirping*****

8 am, *****crickets chirping******

12 pm, *****crickets……*****

Then finally at 12:30 pm Stacy checked in.

Apparently he missed the biggest story in eons because his better half shut off his internet. It was an accidental catastrophe for Stacy, mind you. But it is one of the funniest reads ever. So for the linkage and promotion of LCR and for providing ample belly-laughs, I honor TOM with the –

Three Snaps in a ‘Z’ FormationPeace Prize

Moving from my biggest 2 linky-love recipients, I point you to great friends of the site Right Klik, No Sheeples Here, Reaganite Republican, Saberpoint, and Pat in Shreveport.

Right Klik always puts up top-notch material and activist-based information. RK gets a nod for linking LCR on the Racist/Georgia Restauranteer story, the Obama Nobel for Nada piece and the Baucus HC plan. Thanks for being a support for my site, a friend of myself and liberty RK, thus awarding you –

The Consistent Content and TakePeace Prize

Carol over at No Sheeples Here had a brief absence from the blog-world. I am glad to see her back and refreshed, this time taking on Youtube to point out the idiocy of Dear Leader at every turn. Her site has been spiffed-up with her awesome grahpic-wizness as well. The sheep graphic is due to her genius-ry. Keep up the great work Carol! She wins the –

Graphic-Goddess GeniusryPeace Prize

James at Reaganite Republican was out with guns ‘a blazin’ this week as per usual as well. He included LCR in his weekly roundup, and pointed readers to one of my econcomic posts. James is another friend of the site and a personal friend too. He gets the –

Both Barrels Peace Prize

Stogie at Saberpoint is also a graphic wiz like Carol at Sheeples. Stogie hooked me up with my Obama/Patton graphic, (awesome), and other Nobel stuff. Stogie also provided linkage and is a super friend of the site and myself. Let’s get you on Memeorandum Stogie, thanks for the ample tech support and friendship too.

Graphic God, Great Friend Peace Prize

Pat at So it Goes in Shreveport is one of the most top-quality bloggers that you will find on Memeorandum and she updates her stuff quite often during the day. She should be a daily read and is a consistent link-er of LCR. She’s a writer and a teacher too, by the way.

Citizen Journalism GoodinessPeace Prize

Notable mentions for linky-love –

New blogs to watch, new friends of the site –


TAO said…

Basically, to get a million hits you have to do something called "BLOGWHORING" not real sure I am all that interested. But considering that all you do is attack and mock Barack Obama wouldn't that make you just like Levi Johnston and his posing nude thing?

How much money is there in 'blogwhoring?" if there is alot then I might be interested; I am definitely out of the Playgirl posing league…

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ TAO – I'm not sure how much $$ is in it, it's just another way to get exposure. All I do is attack and mock Obama? Hmm, what about today's other post? I admit that a good portion of the blog here is dedicated to my stalwart anti-Obama cause, but it is merely because he represents the turning point for every bad idea we have dealt with in the US for decades. It is him, it his agenda. That is why I do not relent. It may be off-putting to some but that is how I feel and what I think…..

Free speech and all…..

TAO said…

If you want to change something then you need to go back to where it started…always go to the source of a problem to solve it….

You don't cure a disease by constantly picking at the scab…

Besides, you are going to have to pull people away from Obama to win anything in the future…

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ TAO – The source for me is the distance that we have come from the limited government ideals that this country was founded on. This trend has been going on for 75 years now, the Obamanation is the acceleration of it, that is why I am so fixated on his agenda. He is the scab, the sore, the boil, the cancer that will rot our nation. And by him, I mean the entire statist government complex,including many in the GOP and our former president.

TAO said…

Yeah, Yeah…and before him was Bush, and before him was Clinton, and before him was "Read My Lips" Bush…and then there was Reagan…who developed the magic formula of lower taxes and increased borrowing was the way to form a revolution…

Then of course you have Palin, the ex governor of the state that receives the most in federal aid and pays the least in federal taxes who also hires consultants to find free money…

Money makes the world go round, and easy money makes it go around a lot faster…

Your conservative supreme court is about to take on campaign finance and trust me, they are going to turn on the money spigot with their rulling and things will only get worse….

Out of 535 members of congress you have Ron Paul and Russ Feingold who pretty much walk the walk and talk the talk of their philosophy…

Rand Paul doesn't stand a chance in Kentucky because to many business interests have to much at stake to go against McConnell's pick.

We need term limits and a way to stop the money from influencing politics…

Work on that and you will have done this nation a great service…otherwise you can continue to bash Obama into his second term….

RightKlik said…

I never thought I'd be graced with an award featuring Obama's sweet visage!

The Right Guy said…

If you want to stop money from influencing politics, you'd have to take away the congresses ability to get money: Taxes and printing it. Term limits primarily serve parties in that they will just throw the next idiot of the week out as a candidate and use a generic war chest to keep themselves in power.

As far as the root causes of our particular political problems:Sometimes it is best to cut the cancer out before it kills the whole body.

Pat Austin said…

Thanks for the kind words, sir! You do a mighty fine blog, yourself.

Andrew33 said…

I just did a post at KOOK's, MSNBC has apparently awarded the Heisman to Obama for watching a football game. Check out the pothole post too.

Войска ПВО said…


Greate job!

This is an awesome post, linking all of us together into modern-day Committess of Correspondence. Your comments and awards (infinitely more valuable than that dubious piece of hardware yielded up by the Euro-commies to our Pantload last week) are very clever and engenders a genuine spirit of adventure, inviting an orgiastic odyssey of blog-crawling! (You know, like pub crawling except BYOB.)

Andrew33 said…

Thanks for the linky-love as always. You have been such a great help to us at Kook's Manifesto. I only hope one day we can repay the favor. Anytime you want something passed around, you know we will do so in a heartbeat. That goes for your readership too. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours!!!!!

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ RK – Is that a blessing or not? Haha.

@ Pat – Right back at yah, I read your site daily, keep it up!

@ Boncka – I love it, BYOB, your entire message here is absolutely quotable.

@ Andrew – No problemo my friend.

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