The Federal Reserve: A Treatise by Sonic Ninja Kitty

by the Left Coast Rebel

You know what? If every activist/blogger/liberty-thinker did even half of the work that blogger SNK did with her Fed post we would all be on the road to what America should be. You know, we would be surrounded by a populace that lived and breathed the things that we were founded. Those antiquated notions like transparency, (the real kind), accountability in the uppermost portions of power, (read the Fed), and basically all Constitutional concepts.

SNK has written up one of the best definitive pieces on the subject of the Fed that I simply have ever come across. Who is this girl you ask? Well to tell you the truth, I’m not sure, I tried to dig up a little more info on her at her site but she seems to be elusive. She’s a libertarian. She’s smart. And she’s cute, (that barron mask and all). Anyway, I’m carrying the first portion of her post and pointing you to her site to get the rest of it. Be sure to tell her I said ‘hi’.

The Fed by Sonic Ninja Kitty

Ahh…. Seriously, I want to talk with you about our central bank, the Federal Reserve. Maybe the mere mention of that name makes your eyes start to glaze over. That’s what it used to do to mine, but there is way more to it than meets the (glazed) eye. I want to discuss the human element in all of this. (Yes, there really is one.) If we get to the heart of the issue, that’s the part that will start clicking in you. I know it because after a year of researching this subject, that’s the part that’s clicking in me. Clicking like heck and un-turn-offable. But I tell you, it has been so worth the trade-off in annoyance because it has allowed me to see current events clearly and without illusion.

I want to try and give you a broad overview that makes sense. I figure if I can help even a handful of you understand this topic, we can affect some change, because our awareness will then multiply. I know who brings home the bacon and fries it up in a pan, baby! You guys are the foundations of your families: the rocks, the havens, and the ‘safe’ ones. I also know you can be tremendous catalysts. You guys can make it all happen, and that’s why this post is dedicated to you.

Primers and prereqs

Many of you really don’t need these primer sections. It’s already your ‘thing’, so scoot! Get outta here and meet the rest of us further down the post. (And if you sneak yourself an extra beverage, the rest of us will pretend not to notice, LOL.)

So, it never ends, does it-the educating? Technical information about the economy is out there—all over the place. Sometimes the problem is there are so many people spouting off and yelling about the economy and money. In all honesty, I cannot add anything brand new or unique to the mountain loads of information already out there on the Federal Reserve (aka the Fed). Perhaps the only thing different I can offer is my perspective. And peace—ha ha. Yeah, I rarely yell, virtually or otherwise. And like you I don’t belittle, and I try not to assume. So it’s one step at a time and there are no dumb questions. I know each of you has such amazing depths of expertise in different areas worthy of great respect. This is just a new subject, is all.

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The Griper said…

that was quite a read. now there was a kitty that did her homework.
good find reb.

sonicninjakitty said…

WOWOWOW–I'm dizzy!! Thank you very much LCR, you are extraordinarily kind.

I sincerely hope this helps people. I originally wrote it for my gal pals, as if we were sitting around chatting. That's why it's interminably long on my part (ha ha!). Welcome to all the guys out there, too, though–maybe they can share it with their loved ones to get some conversations going?

We are all on the path to understanding what's going on. It doesn't matter who you are or what point you are at–as long as you are moving forward. We can help each other, too 🙂 Thanks for reading.

Nickie Goomba said…

Sorry, Reb… but I make it a rule never to believe internet felines.

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