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Make Voluntary Sterilization A Requirement for Welfare

So this judge in Tennessee got in big trouble last year for offering inmates in his county a 30 day reduction in their jail sentence if they volunteered for a sterilization procedure:

“When Judge Sam Benningfield of White County, Tenn., offered to shave off jail time for inmates who volunteered for sterilization, a chorus of attorneys, advocates and public officials reacted with horror.”

Horror? Why?

“Benningfield said his goal was to break a ‘vicious cycle’ of repeat drug offenders with children. But many argued that the proposal, outlined in a May order, was nothing short of eugenics.”

Psssh. What’s so horrible about eugenics?

Having more physically and mentally healthy people?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not supporting forced sterilization of anyone, which would be an intolerable violation of their life and liberty, but this program was completely voluntary.

No one was being threatened with 30 additional days in confinement if they didn’t comply.

They were already sentenced to those 30 days for a crime they had committed. These inmates were being offered 30 days off their sentence and a free contraceptive procedure if they wanted it. They were free to say no and serve out the sentence they were already sentenced to serve out regardless.

This judge just gave inmates more options.

“Civil rights lawyers brought legal actions and a local prosecutor told his staff to avoid the judge’s program at all costs.

Now, after the wave of backlash and amid multiple lawsuits, state judicial regulators have formally reprimanded Benningfield for promising 30-day sentence reductions to inmates who agreed to receive vasectomies or birth control implants.”

Everybody was worried that offering a 30 day reduction in their sentence would be unduly coercing them, but it’s not coercion.

It’s offering an additional incentive to get a free health care procedure that most people have to pay good money for and that Sandra Fluke wishes she could have gotten as a student at Georgetown University Law School.

Democrats mobilized to ThreatCon1 over Sandra Fluke’s right to get a private university to cover her contraceptive costs, then a judge in Tennessee offers it to prison inmates for free plus reducing their sentences and everybody loses their minds.

This guy should have been like the Bernie Sanders style socialism movement’s hero or something.

Maybe some of those inmates actually don’t want to have any kids in the future, and would have been happy to have their sentence reduced plus free permanent contraption.

Any of them who do want to have kids were free to decline and serve out their sentence, not as a punishment for declining the sterilization procedure, but because they were already sentenced to serve those days in confinement anyway.

That doesn’t look like coercion to me.

There is a clear distinction between coercive, tyrannical eugenics that violates people’s liberty, and a libertarian eugenics that would actually decrease the amount of coercion and tyranny in our society while also promoting a more healthy population.

An example of the latter kind would be making voluntary sterilization a requirement to receive welfare benefits.

My argument is simple:

Read the rest at The Humble Libertarian.

U.S. Debt Clock

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Dubai debt-default story got me interested tonight in tracking down the US debt clock that I have run across on Bloomberg, CNBC and the Glenn Beck show. For anyone in my audience that want the absolute be-jeezers scared out of them, go to this link that shows the US debt clock. I believe that it is the same US debt clock that Glenn Beck shows from time to time.

Tired of arguing with idiots that think we can afford socialism? Show them the US debt clock. Tired of Keynsian RINOs that have led us to bankruptcy in part due to their acquiescence to socialism, statism, corporatism, progressivism? Show them the US debt clock. Tired of thinking that our leaders today are selfish and destroying the health and wealth of future generations? US Debt Clock. Socialized medicine? US debt clock. Cap and trade? US debt clock. Amnesty for illegals? US debt clock. More cradle to grave entitlements? US debt clock.

An individual’s net worth is the amount of liabilities that he has subtracted from his assets. Financial literacy 101. Anyone interested in what the US debt clock shows the total national assets at? $74 trillion. The total according to the US debt clock of all unfunded liabilities? $106 trillion. Check the screenshot below and visit US debt for yourself.

UC Berkeley Students Protest the End Result of the Liberal Policies that They Champion: The Francization of America Continued

by the Left Coast Rebel

How about this one? I’m reading here at the San Francisco Chronicle that UC Bekeley students barricaded themselves in a section of their campus, to protest some injustice that they perceive. Now get this, the injustices include ‘increased fees’ and ‘ever decreasing jobs’. Now where do these increased fees and decreased jobs come from. From the (used-to-be-free)free marketplace? Where does the state collect the fees that support miscreant campi like Berkeley? From rainbows, unicorns, leprechauns and pots of gold? From the San Francisco Chronicle :

The third and most tumultuous day of protests reflected the anger being displayed on many UC campuses Friday, a day after the regents voted to increase undergraduate tuition and graduate-level fees to help make up a $535
million budget gap brought on by reduced state funding and inflation.

At Berkeley, the day-long occupation of Wheeler Hall began at 6 a.m. when the group entered the second floor of the building. Three students were arrested immediately for burglary as they moved heavy furniture to block doorways, according campus police “We decided it was necessary to take action,” said Andi Walden, a Middle Eastern studies and political science major. “A lot of people have been saying, ‘Whose university? Our university.’ So we decided to put that into action.”

Video of the pathetic display, behold the Francization of America where no hand held out shall be denied, where no entitlement mentality shall go undeserved, Police and Leftist Students collide, I could bet you $500 that their professors are egging them on:

Via Memeorandum