Ending Gun Violence at the DNC

The DNC, (Disarm Normal Citizens), is taking a pretty firm stand on gun control, despite the fact that it is typically a losing issue for Damnocrats. In order to pander for black votes, er, illustrate the problem, they brought in the Mamas of some notorious victims of “gun violence”. In order to make their efforts more successful, I am passing along a few surefire tips on how to reduce gun crime and violence:
1) Mamas, teach your children not to take stuff that does not belong to them. Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin might both be alive today if they had only learned that one. 
2) Mamas, don’t get pregnant by any man not willing to marry you and support your kids. A two parent family will provide stability, a male role model and discipline to help keep young men out of gangs. 
3) Mamas, ask your children if it is fair to slap them every time the kid down the block does something wrong? Then explain to them, that killing some policemen at random, because you believe some other policeman, somewhere else, did something wrong, is about as moral as being a member of the Ku Klux Klan. 
4) Mamas, teach your babies that to study hard, demonstrate intelligence and work hard in school is not “acting white”. There are a great multitude of stupid white people in the world. They should not be your role models. George Washington Carver and Condileeza Rice are and were smarter than 98% of the white people I know and neither one of them had to “act white”. Say it loud, I’m smart, black and I’m proud! 
5) Mamas, teach your children, whatever race, color or creed they are, that no one owes them a living. If you adopt a victim mentality, you will always be a “victim”. You may never have all the money, fame and toys of a rap star or an NFL player, but that’s true about everybody. Make the best you can out of what you’ve got.
Add in a heaping helping of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, and I think you have a formula for reducing gun violence in the hood,  the inner city and across America.

Or you could just blame guns and the damn police…

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