Emit Magazine – Trump/Russian Derangement Edition

Let’s recap:

*The last administration sold massive amounts of US uranium to Russia

*Wanted to be BFF with Putin via a cheesy “reset” button

*Rolled over and played dead when Russia invaded Crimea, despite a signed agreement for the US to defend Ukraine against invasion

*Refused to sell defensive arms to the Ukraine which would be used against Russian invaders

*Promised to be more “flexible” in our dealings with Russia after the 2012 elections, and

*When faced with “war crimes” in Syria, ceded control of the situation and allowed Russia greater influence in Syria and the Middle East

And yet, on the basis of a few unsubstantiated media stories, Trump is the one turning the White House into the Kremlin!

Update: Apparently, this idiocy was not even an original idea with Emit, but ripped off Mad Magazine (which has much more credibility!)


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