Elena Kagan Socialist College Thesis Unveiled

by the Left Coast Rebel

It’s funny to see the ‘breaking’ Elena Kagan socialist college thesis story via Red State’s Eric Erickson as the Left Coast Rebel and Reaganite covered this several days ago. The difference though is that Erickson got his hands on the actual Elena Kagan socialist college thesis, “To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City 1900-1913.”

Erickson notes the particular section of Elena Kagan’s thesis in which she advocates that socialists ‘stick together in order to advance a socialist agenda’ but after scanning most of the PDF file of Elena Kagan’s college thesis, I found Marxist-Leninist nuggets throughout.

Also, the left is mostly ignoring Elena Kagan’s college thesis but those that are acknowledging it are either calling it ‘misguided youth’ or simply, essentially a research paper on socialism in New York City, not advocacy thereof.

I beg to differ.

For example, the conclusion of her thesis certainly shows at least sympathy for the fact that the socialist movement had failed at that point in history:

“Granted that one city is not a nation, the experience of New York may yet suggest a new solution to this critical problem.”
The entire closing is incredibly damning. Read it for yourself via a screen-shot:

kagan, 'change america'

Also, a very enlightening nugget from page 130:
“The story is a sad but also a chastening one for those who, more than half a century after socialism’s decline, still wish to change America….”

And another passage:

“Radicals have often succumbed to the devastating bane of sectarianism; it is easier, after all to fight one’s fellows than it is to battle an entrenched and powerful foe. Yet if history of Local New York shows anything, it is that American radicals cannot afford to become their own worst enemies. In unity lies their only hope.”

Clearly any nominee that has expressed sympathy, adoration or anything in between for Marxist-Leninist ideology should be completely disqualified from interpreting the Constitution of the United States via a seat at the bench on the Supreme Court. Youth or not, advocacy like this in a SCOTUS candidate’s past is a dangerous threat to our Republic and our liberties.

In a sane world Elena Kagan’s socialist sympathies in 1981 would be greeted with a level of outrage equal to that if she were found to have a ‘racist’ past.

America – wake up.

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John said…

Is it just me or does this woman clearly have an agenda?

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