Eeyore Conservatives: Socialism, Obamacare and Surrender

by the Left Coast Rebel

Years ago when I was just a child I would have the occasional swings-of-mood that all children have. You know what I mean if you are a parent. One minute Jr. is happy as can be……the next minute for some unknown reason he’s sulking, grumpy, irritable or worse.

And you know what’s funny? Adults are no different. How, you ask? Politics. Just like any gathering of a broad swath of people from all walks of life; political causes, (like conservatism), has it’s naysayers, it’s do-gooders, it’s bitcher and moaners, it’s achievers and it’s puritanical my-way or the highwayers. And the worst – the bi-polar bunch.

Which is just one of the many reasons that most people hate politics and don’t get involved.

Back to my childhood analogy, it’s simple after all. Years ago when I would enter the oblivion of junior grump-funk my mom would gently scold and center me. She would do so in a loving and kind way of course, but it was simple and effective.

Don’t be an Eeyore, she would say. Don’t walk around like their is a proverbial thundercloud over your head. Don’t complain, just act! Take a seat, take a breath, get back to work.

How does this relate to LCR you ask? It’s simple. I’m talking to all of you in the Conservative Underground. Stop complaining. Put on your Defeat Socialism caps. Don’t play into the enemy’s hand. Do it. It can be done and it will.

Ok? Don’t be an Eeyore…..


CJ said…

If the healthcare plan is as bad as I think it is, we will be able to undo parts of it in the future. Some parts of it will probably live on as an entitlement that will never go away.

My thought for rightwingers is do not believe your own propaganda. A bad bill is not the end of the America as we know it. If it really is a bad bill, the elections will favor those who promise to undo it.

I actually suspect the healthcare bill is so bad, that most people will find shortcuts around it. People will still be able to raise money to build innovative technologies for treatments to be sold to people who need them and are able to pay for them. If the plan babysits people who couldn't get their healthcare spending under control, maybe it will free some of them to go do other more economically productive things.

My point is the plan is bad but not a big a deal as its critics say.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ CJ – Interesting take and I can surely see what you mean. The HC legislation is the worst piece of garbage I have ever seen come before congress, my wish would be that it dies a slow death in the Senate and that people get pissed enough that they derail it. On the other hand, the outlet that you mention here is the alternative. Also, the 'rightwing' that you always speak of is a club that you belong to as well.

Simply for honestly pointing out just how bad the HC bill is.

The Right Guy said…

It's hard not to be an eeyore when Obamacare is all but fait accompli. At this point, if it does pass, are arguments will be about how much socialism to accept or not accept as opposed to being opposed to all socialism. As I have said, the record is non-existent in regards to repealing such things.

Sure, we can throw a lot of the bums out in 2010, but will that guarantee anything? I am not so sure. The GOP has shown itself to backslide when they get comfortable. Even in this environment, GOP leadership has shown a strong sense of ostrich-ism. Look at Hoffman and Scozzafava. It's not going to be enough just to change the party labels of who is in office, but we need to change the party from within, and that includes its leadership.

I would also add to those that preach bigger tents: It doesn't work. Scozzafava and a few other races show that. As a brand, the GOP must stand for something and that isn't to stand for everything. It's time to regroup and figure out how we are going to deal with this. There is no little difference between the man who fails and the main who succeeds: Both must decide on what to do next (A paraphrase of Jigoro Kano). What are we going to do? I won't surrender, that is for sure. I might retreat, run or fight to the man, but surrender, no.

Keyboard Jockey said…

I am always up for a fight….people need to look at this challenge as an opportunity. Usually you have to go looking for a fight, and here is one that get's dropped in our laps..we are so lucky we get to re defeat socialism 🙂

There is a book titled "Born Fighting, How the Scot Irish Shaped America" By now Senator James Webb. I highly recommend the book, Don't be a defeatist. There are battles and there are wars…battles are won and lost but it's important to see the bigger picture, and win the war. There is a wall built in Europe called Harridans Wall, when the Romans couldn't conquer the Scots, they walled em off…guess what the Socialist are in for? There isn't going to be a Wall, that's going to be tall or wide enough:) Will chew threw or dig underneath LOL!

My advice stop voting for Republicans or Democrats, and start voting for CONSERVATIVES. 2010! 2010! 2010!

TAO said…

You know, CJ points out one of the key points of the Healthcare reform act that everyone glosses over…

Lets be truthful, our healthcare system is a disaster that is teetering on the verge of imploding.

Premiums are going up every year, usually at a rate of twice the inflation factor. More and more people are falling through the cracks and going without coverage…and when they do seek treatment someone will pay for that.

Then, the government already accounts for 46% of all payments for healthcare treatment AND is responsible for a good portion of healthcare research and development in healthcare.

Pretty much looks to me like doing nothing is not an option!

I bet this healthcare reform, if passed, could spur some new thinking, some new breakthroughs, and some innovative ideas of doing business…

Something that we will not achieve by not passing healthcare reform.

Massive organizations only transform themselves if their very existence is at stake…thats why I like the public option!

Remember telephone service prior to the break up of AT&T? It sucked and was expensive!

Break up the monopoly and you transform the whole communications industry and dramatically improve our lives!

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said…

ThankS LCR I needed that.

Opus #6 said…

Anybody who thinks doctors will give better service for less pay is barking mad.

LCR, you are right, we must keep a stiff upper lip and keep on keeping on.

Hack said…

I wouldn't consider myself an Eeyore. More of a pissed off Tigger on PCP. I'm constantly angry at our current government and I won't stop being active for the conservative cause until America is restored to the once great nation it was intended to be. But alas, I fear that will never happen. Our country is drifting further and further into the damning oblivion of secular progressivism. People don't trust in God anymore. They trust in cult figures, ON BOTH SIDES. I'm not sure whether this health care bill will pass, but I am convinced some type of tyrannical bill like it will within the next two years. Taking over the health care industry is the perfect way for them to pry into our lives, to gain complete power, and to usher us into the new world order when the time comes. Medical and financial records will be contained in implanted microchips. This, I am convinced of. All we can do is be active and support each other! Keep on keepin' on my friend.


The Right Guy said…

The government getting involved doesn't spur competition. In the end, it will remove it and be the only monopoly.If you want competition, remove the restriction that doesn't allow insurance companies to compete in any state. I would also add that requiring insurance companies to take people with pre-existing conditions, and leveling the costs across demographics will increase costs for everyone. In the end this bill is about destroying private sector health insurance so that the government option is the only one. You AT&T example is post hoc ergo propter hoc at best.

WomanHonorThyself said…

keep the faith my friend…we need u in this fight!!:)

foutsc said…

The libs are digging their own grave. Be of good cheer!

LCR nailed it. Nobody likes a gloomy person. Pessimism repels, Optimism attracts…

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Keyboard – I totally agree, conservative 2010!

@ Rightguy – Agree, agree, agree. I herbeby appoint thee to GOP party chairman, duelly elected to properly vet true conservatives.

@ TAO – Totally disagree, naturally. To me it is as if the HC debate and consequent legislation is just the latest excuse by the nanny-stater to prohibit self government. It's the extension to most effectively and efficiently do so. Refer to Right Guy's comment here too, I totally agree.

@ Opus – Yes, we have to! I'll keep my attitude in check here…

@ Hack – I love 'pissed' over Eeyore. Pissed can get things done. Truly we need millions now, pissed beyond control, carrying torches and radicalized beyond the 1960s types. That is what we need!

@ Womanhonor – Same to you, I hope you get your site back up too!

@ KOOK – Keep on truckin' my friend….

@ Foutsc – Totally, I learned the lesson over and over years ago in business. Optimism gets things done. That and a large dose of anger today too, BTW!

Войска ПВО said…

LCR, et al,

All of us are pissed and there are a lot of folks out there who absolutely seethe at what's being done to this country by our Thug POSOTUS and the socialists in congress. And, while you have a point about not complaining, until the election season, this is our main avenue of protest.

True, gratuitous bitching is a bummer, but genuine discontent needs to be shared and used as a means of keeping the public's head in the game until next March or April when the primaries eventuate.

The worst thing we can do is go to sleep and figure that LCR or Opus or Hot Air or other blogs — big or small — will pack the freight.

I did a post about how I was "stuck on 11" — a reference to the Spinal Tap interview where the guy said the pots on his amplifier went to eleven versus the conventional ten.

What with the gross insults being hurled at good, ordinary citizens every day, we all need to remain stuck on eleven, with our muskets in hand, and our power dry.


MKotyk88 said…

Amen, brother! I also might add that it is time to stop just pointing out the left's mistakes and offering up some real alternatives. The Obama experiment has been a failure. It's time to show America that we can fix this country without socialism.

TAO said…

Right guy, I never said either event was because of or tied to the other….

Of course nothing good can come of anything where the government is involved can it?

Letting health insurers compete across state lines is a fine idea…but then that would take away some more authority from states and give it to the federal government; it will also decrease the amount of competition because your smaller health insurance companies will not be able to compete nationally and subsequently fall by the wayside.

Then you are going to have to deal with all the lawsuits inregards to anti-trust and monopolies and collusion because all insurance companies share data and collude amongst each other.

Of course once you reach the point where due to ever increasing costs fewer and fewer people will be insured and more and more people will be availing themselves to emergency care and not paying you are going to find healthcare providers going out of business.

You have already determined, since no one here ever says otherwise, that universal healthcare is an obligation of society for those who are young, poor, disabled, seniors, or veterans….basically for 46% of our healthcare spending in a year.

If you truly believe in free markets then THAT should be the issue that you attack…because if you subtract the unisured health insurance companies account for about 32% of all healthcare payments and that is dropping…

As baby boomers age we will find more and more people getting coverage from Medicare as this depression continues we will find more and more people being eligible for medicad and as unemployment continues at these high levels, and most likely will get higher, then more and more people will be losing their employer sponsored health care…

As less and less people are available to spread the costs incurred by health insurance companies the costs to those with health insurance will continue to skyrocket….

You can continue to rant 'free markets' and let our healthcare system collapse, like we should have done to our financial industry…which again was due to deregulation rather than regulation….or you can plan to bail out our healthcare system…

Choice is yours but the writing is on the wall…

CJ said…

I agree also we must do something to cover people who don't buy insurance, don't have money, and get sick and require expensive care.

I don't see the analogy to breaking up a monopoly. It seems like this plan is aimed at creating a benign monopoly.

If people feel the need for a public option, I guess that's okay. If people feel the need to transfer our tax dollars to pay for health insurance instead of our just handing them the money directly, I'm mostly against that. I can't understand why this plan does both of those at the same time.

Red said…

"Anybody who thinks doctors will give better service for less pay is barking mad." –Opus

Like it's so great now? Doctors don't give anything. You have to prod them every step of the way. You're kept waiting for hours on end for five minutes with Dr. Fantastic. Meanwhile insurance companies hold the purse strings. There is a giant panic generated from insurance companies, doctors and pharmaceutical companies because there is a huge profit being made in the healthcare industry –at our expense. Now that doesn't mean I'm all for big gubbermint taking over healthcare but where was all the "we can do better than big brother" gumption from those three parties before the Health care bill was introduced? It was nowhere to be seen or heard because there wasn't any organization big enough to threaten them into making a better way happen. It wasn't until Barry/Pelosi and Reid and company started the wheels with this Health-care-for-everybody-with-monopoly money-paying-for-it nonsense coupled with the fact that activist citizens got a raging case of the red ass against both sides of the argument.

The end result? We're still getting waxed.

TAO said…

Red….glad to see someone on the 'other side of the aisle' gets it!

This healthcare reform is just more benefits for entrenched interests. Savings from tort reform won't get passed on to us (thats like trickle down theory) go ahead and let the health insurers compete across state lines and that won't benefit anyone because then the smaller competitors will get pushed out of states and the too big to fail will move in.

This is a shit bill and the counter proposals are just as bad…

But as long as the left and the right beat each other over the head to attempt the other from winning perceived political victories then the special interests will continue to milk the golden cow…

I am all for the swiss plan, no public option, everyone gets basic care, everyone pays something and you eventually spin off medicare and medicad…you privatize them. Go to my blog and read about it.

But no one cares because I am perceived as a 'LIBERAL' so us bloggers will spend all day ranting and raving at each other over stupid shit and its all a waste of time!

If you want something fixed then do it yourself and give up on all this stupid whining and griping…

Quit being a pawn for the political powers that be! Yes, LCR that includes YOU! You will take republicans, even RINO's if that is the best you can get!

Susannah said…

"Conservative Underground. Stop complaining. Put on your Defeat Socialism caps. Don't play into the enemy's hand. Do it."

THANK YOU & Amen brother! Here are some concrete ideas:



Susannah said…

All this discussion & only one mention of reigning in lawsuits. Thanks TAO. But I disagree w/ you. (naturally, as LCR says) I believe tort reform will absolutely help in reducing costs, but the Dems won't touch it – why? 'Lawyer's Lobby' (aka special interest groups), to which so many in Congress are tied.

Why do you think MD's (esp Ob-gyn's) must charge SO much for their svcs? In part, b/c they get sued left/right & have HUGE malprct. insur. rates…which get passed on to Hlth Ins. Co's, which get passed onto – YOU & ME. Nip the Lawyers & you'll make some headway.

Also, TAO "universal healthcare is an obligation of society for those who are young, poor, disabled, seniors, or veterans…."

I'll beg to differ w/ ya. Disabled, Srs., Vets absolutely!! But the young? That's a PARENT's/FAMILY's responsibility. Do I sound crass? Perhaps. Would I allow an indigent child to go untreated? No, but there MUST be some consequences for PARENTS FAILING their RESPONSIBILITIES!!

Trust me. I've worked w/ indigent population & here's what I heard, "I'll have as many kids as I want to. The gov'ment will take care of me. They can't tell me to stop." Ver batim from a former client.

Also, I AM THAT PARENT who chooses NOT to purchase, go, play, do things in order that we fulfill OUR OBLIGATION to our own children & provide for them (health insur., clothing, shelter, food, etc.). And we buy independent insurance, paying DEARLY for it – it's like a second house payment.

Got that, TAO? MY OBLIGATION!!!! Nanny state mentality is partly what has gotten us into this mess – & this bill wants to give us more of it, calling it the 'public option,' which the States will end up footing the bill for. Which results in higher State taxes. Then Congress & BHO get to say, 'Hey, talk to your Governors, not us! We didn't raise your State taxes!!' Give me a break, & pass the buck.

Heaven help us.

The Right Guy said…

There is no social contract to pay other people's bills. Obamacare is a government mandated system that is supposed to help less than 10% of our population by pushing us down the road to not only socialized medicine, but socialism in general. Unwanted obligations amount to indentured servitude. That is what you condemn us to, all for a small percentage of the population. This is the same religious fervor that espouses the end of the world due to anthropogenic climate change. We now know that is a hoax.

As usual, socialists pitch to the lowest common denominator with emotion rather than rationale. Most people in this country oppose this plan. Most people are happy with their healthcare plans. Under the current legislation proposed, this would change just about everything in an effort to get people on the government dole. It's ludicrous.

While we are at it, let me say that it's not about healthcare per se, but about who pays the bills. Traditionally people got medical insurance to protect against bankruptcy and destitution from a catastrophic illness or injury. It wasn't meant to pay for every little hang nail and stubbed toe. Medical insurance has in fact impeded the free market that we used have and has driven costs up.

Lastly, you cannot insure health. All of us will die eventually, no matter what care one has. The insurance only mitigates financial risk, and with the current coverages, at the expense of others. Spreading the risks out further through one plan will only serve to cause even more restrictions on service and quality in an effort to contain costs. That is why you see that in countries that have a single payer system, after a certain age, the wait for services grows arithmetically and in some cases is infinite.

The end result of Obamacare, if it passes, is that the fabian socialists finally push the cart of capitalism over the edge of the cliff and they know it too. THe end game is to reduce humans to the same level as farm animals.

Susannah said…

LCR~ You & RG inspired me. Thought you'd like to know I've linked to you in my piece today:


The Right Guy said…

Thank you.

Susannah said…

Hey RG & LCR~

Thank YOU both.

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